Petetion for EA to make CFL game.


how many signatures do u need?

Well i hope it happens. A lot of people would buy it. They made an Arena Football game, and that league is horrible without much talent. A CFL game would be a huge step up! Best of luck in your endevour.

And people on this site, even if you don't like video games, you should still sign, as this would be good publicity for the league.

I think I sign this a while ago.

theres soo many petitions going around


Also signed it… I’d buy it the day it came out.

signed it :cowboy: lets cross are fingers and toes :lol:

Speaking of a CFL football game..

I'm about a week away from finishing the PS2 rosters for Madden 2006. PM me if you want it.

i got this off of (i dont know why the guy didnt post on the cfl;.ca forum, dummy) so i thought i'd get on it asap. the guy said it'll take around 10,000 to get EA's attention. some people say it wouldnt be worth it, but i mean,, they have AFL on video games, like common lol.

i think it would be a pretty big success in canada, dunno about the states, but first year they put out a cfl game on xbox360 or whatever, people will buy it to try it. i think they should go with it once theres 10,000 sigs.

It would be great for the league. I'd buy it for sure. I hope it happens.

All the petitions should be merged so it will get a higher number. And I dont care if it is EA or not, as long as it is good qualtity company.

P.S. Signed!

Great idea!

(sent it to 15 people!)

hope this happens!!!
who would you put on the cover as the international face of the cfl.
i'd make flutie play another year so he could be on the cover!!!

I'd buy it!

Give up on it, EA isn't making a CFL game

I don’t want to sound like a jerk but did anybody ask you??? I’m still hopeful.

Pass it around your kid's football teams, high school & community ball, maybe even college ball.

They should just add a CFL League option to Madden, then they'd just sell more copies of Madden

There will never be a CFL game unless they team up with the NFL or Arena.

Madden would be great because it has the best graphics. I think they would make the games look great. There is not enough interest yet to make a game.

I talked to a someone who's dealt with this at the CFL and it will NOT happen (with EA at least).
Seems EA wants a guarantee of units sold to cover their risk. They also want too much money.
I was thinking of trying to get 2K or Sega since EA has the ONLY NFL license now.
Sucks, but there's always Rosters :smiley: