It felt kind of awkward watching the Cats/Lions game on tv while sitting next to my radio listening to the Bombers/Gades game but I was able to notice (many times) that Kamau Peterson didn't seem to improve at all. He didn't even get any worse. He was still the same Peterson. Dropping so many passes. I felt sorry for Ti-Cat fans when I saw him drop an easy screen play with no one around. We really got the best of the Brazzel/Peterson trade. Just look at the night Chris had against the Gades. Looks like we really turned our season around.

I still have that smile on my face as I did when I heard that Thrusday morning that we got Brazzell for Peterson. I knew Brazzell would fit in WInnipeg perfectly and it takes a load off Stegall's back. Like Stegall said, he wants Brazzell to make plays and that's what he is doing!

This has the potential to be one of the worst trades in cfl history. Thanks Ronny.

No piggy last years three for nothing is the worst. Everytime I watch Dunigan telling people how teams should play makes me laugh.

For the moment then, Taman is the good guy :wink:

Taman ain't off the hook yet....though he sure bought himself some time with that steal from the 'Cats....I 'm still a little concerned about the trade for Wynn...for a No. 1 draft choice....I'm still wondering where the hell he is going with this one....signed confused.... :?

considering that Michna came from nowhere, and Martin was still an unknown quantity, I think the Wynn trade was valid.

Had Michna been released after T/C as expected, and Martin performed as poorly as he actually did, we'd be singing the praises of Taman for bringing in an experienced guy like Wynn, draft pick or not.

yeah but what's the plan NOW.....after he recovers from his injury...

Taman hosed Hamilton on this trade.

R&W2005 is correct. Last years trade was the worst!