Peter Nicastro return?

Starting to wonder what the injury status is of Peter Nicastro. In the off season I was lead to believe his leg injury would prevent him from starting the season and went on the 6 game list. Now extended again which would be up after two more games. Getting him back for the final 6 games would be a boost to the OLine IMO. Lawrence has been good to average but can't seem to move people on those many 3rd down sneak plays. Nicastro is a Bull in the middle on short yardage from what I have seen of him. Hope he's back soon.


Peter was my constant example of who the TiCats should have taken before Jake Burt last year. Playing center to replaced our retired Mike Filer would have prevented us from lots of lineup juggling if the Cats' management had been smart. So in an unusually friendly manner, I am saying it's too bad for the Argos and the player himself that this injury seems to be holding on like a bastard.

Ti-Cats have had some questionable picks when you look at who they have passed over.

We still don't if Nicastro is going to suit up this year, and it appears he is still on another 6 game injury list. But he can't come back until he is 100% for sure. Now that Ryan Hunter has signed (I thought he was never coming) one spot I would like to see him tried is at Center. I know Blake was a Center, and a good one, at Baylor but the Coaches seem to think he is better at Guard. While he has done a good job at LT IMO, left guard would maybe be his best position. That position is probably Greg MacKeller's in the future but as we head down the stretch and into the play downs, veterans make a big difference. Then all that would be needed is for Cage to get healthy to get the Oline ready for the Eastern Final and then the Grey Cup. Hope that is the plan.