Peter Mckay backs Maritime expansion!!!!!

Any body see this one yet? What are the logistics and where would they play?

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That would be sweet. Get them a stadium preferably in Hallifax. If not, perhaps try the Moncton stadium.

I hope McKay is ready to actually help get funding for a stadium though.

I see Peter almost every year at St-Fx homecoming game. He's a huge football fan, does not change the problem of a myopic municipal government and generations of dirty politicians.

They could call the new CFL team the Halifax Explosion.
It would be a blast!

This interview by Arash Midani from sportsnet with Mark Cohon touches on various league issues as well as expansion to the maritimes at about half way.

Not only was the Halifax Explosion an enormous disaster that killed thousands and permanently scarred this city...

but it is also the name of a women's football team in Halifax. So no, a CFL team will never be called "Explosion"

It should be Ruff Riders. The team in Moncton can be the Ruffriders. :lol:

Hey HfxTC...

Did you go to the Uteck Bowl?

Atlantic Schooners.

Of Course !

I think in Atlantic Canada you could have a situation like the Roughriders with being the only boys on the block sort of thing, it could be a money maker with lots of hats and jerseys sold etc, it could be the Roughriders of the east situation.

Until McKay and his Conservative party cronies pony up and fund the construction of football stadiums to the same level as stadiums for professional hockey teams in this country, we should not let them set foot on a CFL field.

I was disgusted to see McKay at the Moncton game announcement. What has the current (or previous gov't for that matter) done for football in this country? Nothing. A paltry $15 million for the new stadium in Winnipeg, but only if its tied to the Univ. (this gov't sneezes and it spends 15 million for god sakes! And they flat out refused the proposed PEPs stadium expansion in Quebec City if it included a CFL team.

They want into the tent, bring the cheque book I say.