Peter Dyakowski traded from TOR to SSK

Both of these are excellent points from safetyblitz and b+g that Seymour is not taking account of in his quest to slag TiCats on-field and off-field management at every opportunity. :?

I'll post my comments and criticisms concerning Tiger-Cat ownership and management whenever I think it's warranted. Unlike many on here, I am not inclined to limit my comments to "sweetness and light" platitudes regarding this organization.

Concerning Dyakowski being shoved out the door by the Ti-Cats, all the excuses offered earlier do not change anything. The Argos snapped up Dyakowski and managed to find a way to parlay that asset into a good young player at area of need.
If the Ti-Cats had managed Dyakowski's situation better, in my opinion they could have accomplished something similar to the Argos instead ending up with nothing while enabling a rival to strengthen their roster.

So tell everyone in here Seymour who did Toronto obtain from the Cats last year when they dumped Kevin Elliott ?
or perhaps you can explain to everyone who we gave to Saskatchewan in exchange for John Chick ?
How about letting us all know who the Alouettes obtained from us for Dominique Ellis ?

I'll save you some time and tell you the answer , which is NOTHING !!!

Gee can you see the similarities in these transactions and what happened with Dyakowski ? These type of things happen all the time to pretty well every team in this league as well as other leagues and other sports . Players come and players go . It's as simple as that and has no bearing on how in "your opinion" the Ti-Cat management team handled the release of Peter Dyakowski .

You are certainly entitled to your opinion.

You are certainly entitled to your opinion .

I agree with ya Grover . Yup , as the saying goes opinions are like arse holes because everyone has one and we have Seymour :stuck_out_tongue: .

One interesting thing about chat boards is that you can look up people's old posts. Here's a few fun facts:

  1. There were two threads in February about Dyakowski getting cut, and then signing with Toronto. Seymour did not post in either of them. That's a little surprising in retrospect, given the strength of his conviction about just how valuable Pete is, and how unsophisticated Ticats management is for not realizing it.

  1. In fact, the last time Seymour mentioned anything about Dyakowski was back in September 2015:

Here's what he said:

How much drop-off in performance will there be with Figueroa at LT in place of Olsen? [b]Dyakowski has not been as dominant since last year's injury IMO [/b]and is Bomben returning at 100% after his injuries (although Bomben at less than 100% may still be more effective than O'Neill at RG)?
3) The time before that was in July 2015: [url=]viewtopic.php?f=5&t=97231&p=1886501&hilit=dyakowski#p1886501[/url]

Here's what he said that time:

The "smartest" thing Dyakowski could do at this point would be to publicly apologize to his team mates and to Ti-Cat fans in general. I don't recall ever seeing a CFL player called four (or was it five?) times for illegal procedure in a single game without being benched. Dumb is the only word for it and it doesn't get any dumber than that for an offensive lineman.

Safe to say, not really the biggest Dyakowski fan out there. But with the benefit of hindsight, perhaps the most passionate advocate for re-signing him back in February.

the player Toronto obtained may be good (May be) but he sure is not young. 29 for an Import receiver in the CFL is OLD. On a rebuilding team like the Argos a spare part really.

Update: The Argos' Armanti Edwards contributed nicely to the annihilation of the Ti-Cats - 6 receptions, 78 yards and Saskatchewan obtained a very serviceable starting right guard in Dyakowski.

A trade that definitely helped both teams and all made possible because Hamilton shoved Dyalowski out the door - an absolute gift to the Argos.

How does Diakowski transform from a human turnstile to a serviceable Lineman?

As soon as he left Austin and the Tiger-Cats behind and landed with a team that welcomed him and a coach who knows how to use him.

Did you watch the Riders game? I tuned in to see Dyakowski get smoked early in the first quarter. For all the problems the Cats have right now, missing Peter D is not one of them.

Oh right, the Ti-Cat offensive line was a real tower of power on Sunday!

The point is the Argos' player personnel group were smarter in their use of a Tiger-Cat player asset than the Tiger-Cats were.

Receiver Armanti Edwards could be very valuable Tiger-cat right now. Instead, the Argos obtained him as the result of an outright gift from Kent Tillman.

Keeping Dyakowski on the roster (as trade bait only) would have used up one of our limited training camp spots.


  1. How do you know he wouldn't have claimed the spot that was given to Will Hill, who blocked two field goals? Or someone else who made the team?

  2. How many training camp spots does a smart team allocate each season to trade bait players? Just one? Is it for NAT players only? NAT O-linemen only?

  3. When you have a guy on your roster for trade bait only, do you even let him practice or play in the pre-season? If he's injured you can't trade him and you're on the hook for his salary, and the whole brilliant strategy comes unravelled.

Inquiring minds want to know.

This was not a straight up trade between two teams.

when so many players have moved between the Argos and the Cats in the past two years there are a host of pointless "what if?s" . What if we had kept Vaughan, would Tolliver not have been hurt? What if we kept Johnny Sears.

I'm not sure it's pointless. The point is to give someone a chance to slam Ticats mgmt based completely on hindsight.

Now, if the person were to make a correct prediction at the time the event occurred (e.g. when Dyakowski was released on Feb 16) they would at least deserve a bit more credit. Similarly, if someone wants to claim that they always knew one of Sears, Murray or Vaughn was destined for super-stardom, they need to say it now (preferably months ago, actually), not after a season or two has gone by. Unless their real goal is just to slam Ticats mgmt, that is.

As a fan of Pete, I have to say something somewhat painful: Peter Dyakowski LOST HIS JOB to Brandon Revenberg last season. Full stop.

Pete was relegated to a backup/rotational player position. He was being paid VERY decent money to do so. The front office (correctly) thought that a high-paid backup Guard would not be compatible with good business practices. They knew that they couldn’t trade him at his current salary, so they DID HIM A FAVOUR and released him so he could find a job in free agency. The blew team took the bait, and signed Pete for less than he was previously making. Obviously, the blew team didn’t think that Pete fit into their plans and traded him to the Riders.

Should the Ticats have tried to renegotiate Pete’s contract? Perhaps they did, and Pete asked for a release. Both parties may have wanted to keep that a secret. Maybe they didn’t give him that offer. We may never know. I wish Pete the best of success in whatever he does, but I feel that his best playing years are (far) behind him.

Well Said^^
The key to this should the Cats have traded Pete instead of releasing him comes down to $$$.
If the Cats thought they had an asset in Pete and thought that they could get an asset back they would have traded him of course.
Due to the value of Pete's previous contract he was getting paid starter $$$ to backup. By releasing Pete it allowed the Cats to pursue a backup and pay him backup $$$. The Cats win.
If you pay a backup starter $$$ you lose.
Salary cap economics is why PD was not traded by the Cats.

Then Johnny Sears would have been hurt. 8)

Ha! You're probably right.

I have never had lower expectations going into a season (I haven't been a Cats fan that long) than this one so last Sunday wasn't so bad for me. Just a hard team to get excited about at this point. I'm still hopeful!



Armanti Edwards, obtained by the Argos via Hamilton’s Pete Dyakowski giveaway, had 10 receptions for 131 yards and a touchdown against BC last night. Nice “spare part” … he’s on track for a 1000 yard season.

Outright gift from the Ti-Cats. If Tillman keeps this up, he may be offered a junior position in the Argos’ player personnel department. :smiley: