Peter Dyakowski retires

Congrats to Peter!
You were always a TiCat, even when you wore green for a bit!

How about trying out for Pigskin Pete, I hear there is an opening

I love the “MOST of my coaches”
Substitute most with ALL my coaches except Austin

His press conference is worth watching. On or Facebook:

There’s a good Adriano Belli story, plus an update on what Pete plans to do post-football. (Note: he does not completely rule out the obvious transition to “Pigskin Pete”.)

He would make an amazing Pigskin Pete. Great personality, funny, and has a complete understanding of Ti-Cat culture and what Hamilton is all about. Having the actual real name of PETE is a nice bonus also. ;D

How about signing 'ol Pete for a game and let him retire a Ticat?

I wouldn’t necessarily interpret that the “most? implies Austin!!! Kent did bring the boys to 2 Grey Cup appearances during Peter’s days in Hamilton. So maybe it is not KA.