Peter Dyakoski reveals a little secret !

Peter Dyakowski from Twitter.....

@ptiqi @TSN1150 @AndyMc81 The louder the crowd gets, the better our D plays! And vice versa, I suppose. It's a feedback loop. I try to help.

I have a secret for Peter as well..

Once set, a lineman cannot move until ball is snapped. Hahaha

O'Shea calls out Ticats Fans :thdn:

HAMILTON -- For years they were known as the rudest and crudest fans in the CFL, and probably the loudest, at least per capita.

But Blue Bomber head coach Mike O'Shea says that tag may no longer belong to fans in the Steel City.

Oh O'Shea get over yourself. yes there was a time when us Tiger cats fans got on you horrendously and probably did call you every name in the book. But you no longer matter to us anymore.


TiCat fans