Peter Dalla Riva

Dalla Riva has his 74 &77 Grey Cup rings along with other memorabilia up for auction at
Only hope it`s for good reasons.

I don't know how anyone could sell anything like that! Same, I hope its for good reasons

This does not look good. Even his scrapbook is for sale.

Looking at the items. I would say this is probably the finest collection of Alouettes memorobilia in existence. Minstre du Patrimoine should have purchased this collection.

Sometimes its time to move on I guess :expressionless:

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His 1970 ring is not listed

Sad to see some of the low prices realized, with no bids on his 1977 Grey Cup package.
He was afterall the Ben Cahoon of his era.
Then again there didn`t seem to be any advance publicity of the auction, as when Jean Beliveau put his stuff up.
Again, certainly hope all is well with Dalla Riva.