Pete Giftopoulos

Does anyone have an idea where Pete Giftopoulos, former Tiger-Cat and Penn State Nittany Lion, might be found? Writing a book on Penn State's 1986 National Championship and would like to interview him. Thanks.

I think He living somewhere in Dundas

Bring him to Hamilton.

Jeez Sigpig, just a little hard on Wilf eh? :lol: :lol:

Used the search engine; only turned up one Peter Giftopoulos in Scarborough, but I doubt that is him. Call the Tiger-Cat head office - they must keep track of alumni. For that matter, why don't you call Joe Paterno - (you must have interviewed him for your book); he will know how to contact Peter.

And as an aside, I apologize for some of the clowns that post to this forum. Most are illiterate, and others insist on wasting others' time.

Cheers and good luck finding Gifto . . .

What's it like being perfect Dude :?

What's it like being perfect Dude :?

I found him. Thanks for the Canada 411 advice and I appreciate all the help!

Justdewey, who sh!t in your corn flakes?

Let me tell ya, it's not easy, but it's very rewarding :smiley: :wink:

Just in case it turns out that you didn't find the right Gifto, I can let you know that Peter unfortunately separated from his wife a few years ago and when he did he moved down to West Virginia.
His new home is not that far from PSU and he was able to leverage some contacts to secure a pretty fair job. I haven't talked with Peter in a couple years, but still occassionally talk with one of his brothers.
If you are having trouble finding him I'm sure that I can send out an email or two and have some info within a week; just PM me.

Good Luck!

What's it like being perfect Dude
You'll Never Know !