Perspective: I have had a great season

This year my 10 year old twin boys have really gotten into the Tiger-cats. They follow the team on social media and know most of the players by name. We attended 3 games this year and were part of the families on the field and the postponed Labour day weekend autograph BBQ. We now have a signed flag that hangs in our basement attached to a framed picture of the old Ivor Wynne.

We now have our own pre-game rituals , that include grilling Hot-dogs and throwing around the football, and after each touchdown we run around our basement with a Ticat flag. We plan on attending the playoff game as well. There is a downside to this fandom, as my boys were in tears after the Ottawa game when we blew the lead and it was revealed that Banks was out for the season.

It has been the most fun I have had watching the CFL is many years. Next year we even plan on going to games in Ottawa and Toronto and possibly Montreal as a kind of a family football road-trips.

Don’t get me wrong , I am very frustrated with this team, but I see a progression and a huge amount of upside. June Jones drives me nuts (Too many things to list), but I think when he hopefully retires in a year, the team will be in a much better place then when he first arrived.

2016: 7-11 record and destroyed in the playoffs
2017: 6-12 missed the playoffs
2018- Possible 9-9 with a home playoff game against a team we have proven we can beat ( at least with Banks in the lineup)

Sure , I wish they were 11-7 and in first place but I think this team will be a powerhouse if we can add 1 or 2 more pieces for next year and get our injured receivers back. If not, life will go on , and I will still attend and watch as many games as I can.

I hope I don’t a bunch of “Your the kind of naive fan that this organization takes advantage of” responses to this post.

We have one more regular season and a Playoff game to get ready for.

Go cats.


What a great way to raise twin boys! :slight_smile:

Thank You for being part of our Ticats Family, and you are more of a
fan then those “…you’re a naive fan…” responders you talk about!
Those types of fans think they know better than the whole org, next time just ask them,
how much they’re getting paid to manage the team?

Oskee Wee Wee


I’m with you, giasone, and have already taken the “niave fool? shot from the usual sad sack losers. Just enjoy the games, and your kid’s excitement. Well worth the price of admission.

Nice job giasone. It is great that your kids have embraced the Tiger-Cats. The CFL needs young fans in order to ensure its future survival.

I don’t know if I’d want to subject my kid to a lifetime of guaranteed disappointment with this organization. I don’t know if I could do it to them… I wouldn’t want them to grow up being angry every weekend. It’s a waste of energy. This team will never win.

Better not raise them as Leafs fans…

Everyone has the right to post whatever they want ( within the rules) but…

I was trying to create a positive post and share something with the community that is not negative.

You ether completely missed the point of my post or , most likely, decided to poo poo on it just to be funny.

There are enough negative threads on this board. This thread does not have to become a negative thread. I would love to hear more family traditions regarding the Tiger-cats for example.

If people truly hate this team and the organisation as much as they say, maybe it is time for some of you to move along, or at least not crap on a positive discussion.

Wow !

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I’m with Giasone - The anger and upset on this board since the loss on Saturday is over the top - If we can have a conspiracy thread (“the refs are against us”) then we can have a feel-good thread too.

My positive from Saturday - Sinkfield. He was great - he still has the football instincts he did when he was here, diving / reaching out for yards after the catch. It impressive to me he could as productive as he was after being brought in, what was it? 14 days ago? Amazing!

So just to be clear, you don't think its justified?
Do you know what comes after anger? i'll give you a hint. Apathy.
Would you rather have apathy? have you been to the Argos message board lately?

The season is not over.
This team won’t throw in the towel and neither will I! :wink:

For me , it’s not whether the anger is justified or not, it’s that this is not the thread you should be posting angry thoughts or statements on. I was sharing something positive, that has nothing to do with the teams win or loss record.

The poster should have started their own “The team will never win again” thread if they wanted to make that kind of statement.

My kids even read the responses and they are confused on why someone would say that on my post.

I am pretty frustrated with the team this year, but it does not totally take away from the great time my family has had watching the games.

I guess the possible life lesson for your kids here may be that hanging with downers just brings you down. Avoid them in life whenever and as much as you can.

Also a lesson in the ugly, negative, side of ‘social media’ where some take cheap shots because they won’t be held accountable. A practical example of the “anti-bully” ads that run on the Ti-Cat website video clips.

Bolded: Show me a "good loser" and I'll show you a loser.

Not Bolded: Gotta agree there, and just imagine how much different the momentum in that game is if Sinkfield doesn't wipe out in the endzone, OR (pie in the sky here) makes the catch even after wiping out, which looked almost doable.

Not going to lie, when I saw the title and the OP on this thread, I thought this was going in a waaaaaaaaay different direction.

Having read it, so very pleasantly surprised by the content.

That’s what this game and this team and this league is all about. Go you giasone.

Maybe the poster (who is a moderator) should have started a thread on how the anger after last week's loss was "over the top"
I respectfully disagree.

However you are right giasone - this was meant to be a positive thread.

I don't see how anyone that doesn't enjoy watching the games would continue to spend their money and go to games. I suited up and went to Saturday's game and really didn't even consider not going. I enjoy going to games, as frustrated as I am with this team too.

Angry -yes. Passion for this team and city-over the top. I for one wont be happy until we string together multiple 15 and 3 or better seasons and GCs. I want a dynasty. When it doesnt work out…hell to pay. in the meantime go out and kick ass for the next 4 games.


Ok so after 42 years of owning seasons tickets here my perspective.

I don’t like losing. I don’t care for some of the decisions made by management.

BUT…I love watching live football. I love CFL football. I like to interact with people on these boards. There are only 4 or 5 posters who do not have The mentality to look at anything positive when we lose or any decision made by this team that doesn’t match their EXPERT opinion.

I’m glad that someone is grooming his children to be the next generation to support our team and the CFL. This is exactly what people have criticized the CFL brain trust of not doing.

Kudos to you.

Use these negative posts as a life lesson of the anonymity of social media for your kids. It’s not going away. It’ll help them understand how to ignore these negative forces in life.


I enjoy taking my son to the games. The fact that it is affordable is at the core of what I like about the CFL. These are working class heroes playing for paycheques I can comprehend. And for that reason I can buy tickets for a game without re-thinking my financial plan for the month like I would have to for a Raptors game (which I have never taken him to).

Last time out, I was in the midst of a “private transaction” on Beechwood Ave, and someone spotted us, asked if I’m taking my son to the game, and handed us a pair of tickets he couldn’t use. We spent the extra cash on some merchandise, and had a great time at the game.

Great thread giasone. I too raised my son as a Ticats fan, he’s now 25 yo and still a fan even though
he lives in the blue teams city. It’s too bad the ‘know it all’ posters don’t really know it all.
Hope you and your boys really enjoy the last 4 games of the season!