Perry will be the difference maker

Perry hasnt been too noticable the last few weeks as he usually is. With Chicks improved play, you might see the Bombers forced to double team him more leaving Perry in more 1 on 1 battles. I predict Perry as the MVP of Grey Cup, and if memory serves me correctly, that has never been given out to a D-lineman before! Heres to hopin'.

Chick is playing really well partly because of the crazy double and triple teaming of Fred Perry.

I mentioned before the Calgary Game to keep your eyes on John Chick he has really come around and i expect him to play with even more emotion come Sunday. You won’t see a Defensive player win the MVP in the big game it will be an offensive player and i’m hoping it’s KJ. GO RIDERS!

I agree to all. But what I was thinking was that Chick is playing so good right now that he might demand a double team which would free up somebody. Roberts isnt the greatest blocking back by no means.

Good point rickrider...that's Sir Charles's "one weak" is his ability to block effectively...

the trouble with that rationale is that you always need to have one (if not two) defensive types covering him against a draw or a shovel that sort of evens it up...

Likewise, Wpg has a terrific RB that was featured while Sir Charles was "resting" from his deep bruises (whose name, sadly, I do not recall) and if they come out with two RB's of this ilk, your team may well be "challenged"...I am predicting a Saskatchewan win, but it isn't going to be any cakewalk!