Perry Lefko

Has been sacked at sportsnet?

No predictions from him for the past little while, and now he doesn't even appear on their CFL page, but I don't recall seeing any announcement. . .

He must have said something positive about the CFL!!!

They probably just eliminating CFL coverage. They'll just pick up stuff off the AP and the CP. Only thing I watch on Sportsnet is the UFC. The only reason they picked that up is probably because Tom Writh is the President of UFC Canada. He's always had a relationship with Rogers.

No, that's not it at all. At the bottom of their CFL page, where Lefko's articles used to be, there are now CFL articles by one Brett Popplewell, Mike Johnstone, and Arash Madani.

He wrote an article in the Ottawa citizen about horses a couple of days ago, so he may have just changed jobs.

.....I hope he sticks with the nags :wink:

I always thought Perry covered the Argos pretty well when he was with the Sun. He was always at the practices and had a good relationship with the Coaches at the time. Pinball, Stubler, Rita etc. He was part of the "family" :slight_smile:

Yes and people forget that because of his vast CFL knowledge he was appointed as the CFLs Director of Communication, so he does have a lot of knowledge about the CFL and the inside info.

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