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Perry Lefko October 5, 2009 … servations

This was new to me

I have been openly critical of rookie head coach Mike Kelly for some of the things that he has done this year on and off the field,

but I’ll give him credit for one thing:

he allowed an assistant, Manny Matsakis,
to take over the offensive play-calling

and the team has a record of 2-2 since
the move, compared to 3-6 before that.

The team has a record of 4-5 with Bishop starting.

(1) Montreal:

Didn’t dominate the Argos the way they dominated the Ticats
the game before, but did enough to win, in particular on defence.

(2) Calgary:

Defence played outstanding to bail out the offence.

Stamps are 5-1 in last six games and 4-1 since Labour Day.

Imagine how dynamic the team would be
if the offence found its stride again.

(3) Saskatchewan:

Offence fell apart in the loss to the Lions

and defence failed to prevent the final drive
that led to the winning field goal.


B.C. Give the team credit for a
gusty effort against the Roughriders.

The defence really did the job in this one,
along with Pierce’s gritty play.

(5) Hamilton:

Hung tough against Calgary

and with a little luck might have pulled off the upset.

(6) Winnipeg:

A nice little two-game win streak for the Bombers.

(7) Edmonton:

This team clearly has some offensive issues,
not to mention some defensive problems caused by injuries.

(8) Toronto:

There is little hope for this team.

While the defence continues to play its heart out,
the offence has not made any strides all season

under rookie head coach Bart Andrus.

A recap of the bonehead moves by the bonehead in Winnipeg. … 6-sun.html

Thanks for that Ron! :thup:

The "recap" by the Calgary Sun was Hillarious! :lol:

What a 'laff riot' it is. Here is a teaser.

When [this season's] games began, the soap opera really got going,

to the point where writers from The Young and the Restless

must be casting wistful glances to the north.

Following the weekly plot twists has become a sport unto itself.

In a city known for its rivers and cold winters,

the stuff flowing out of Kelly's mouth the last 10 months
has left the relationship between the community-owned team

and its rabid followers downright frosty.

Winnipeggers like to think they recognize a snow job when they see one.

Right now all they see is a team buried
under yet another losing record,

with a sideshow as ugly as the football.