Perry Lefko Predictions

Just read Lefko's predictions on Sportsnet and man this guy is way off. He says the Cats may have interest in Wayne Smith. Why? The Cats may also trade McDaniel for Tristan Jackson from Edmonton. Why would we need another returner? Also, the Als might trade Adrian McPherson. Who's going to take over for Calvillo when he retires? None of his rumors make any sense.

It's easier to ignore Perry Lefko than understand his ramblings.

Very true, the guy must throw names in a hat then try to sell people on what he picks.. lol

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That's the problem with being the rookie lead off hitter and having three veterans in the line up right behind you :roll: :lol:

Edmonton general manager Eric Tillman knows how to build a team.

$120,000-$130,000 and a signing bonus of $30,000 for Chris Bauman?

He must be assuming that, left at slotback, Chris will break out this year.

and he knows quarterback Ricky Ray needs a lot more protection than he got last year

Canadians Alexandre Gauthier, Obby Khan and George Hudson have proven they can do that.

but I hope there is no truth to the rumor that Marquay McDaniel could be traded
for wideout/returner Tristan Jackson or that the B.C. Lions may go after him.

HAMILTON: There's talk the Ticats may take a run at Calgary cornerback Dwight Anderson if the Stamps can't re-sign him. The Stamps have already lost defensive back/cornerback Brandon Browner to the NFL's Seattle Seahawks. Geoff Tisdale, who can play cornerback and halfback, may be one of the more attractive free agents because of his versatility. B.C. may have an interest along with Winnipeg.

The Ticats may have an interest in non-import guard/tackle Wayne Smith, who has had some injury problems the last two years with Saskatchewan. He began his career in Hamilton. The team is trying hard to re-sign non-import defensive lineman Jermaine Reid, who will be in demand because his position is one of several manned by Canadians.

There's also talk Hamilton may trade or cut quarterback Quinton Porter, who is likely third on the Teams Depth chart

Eskimos likely to be minor players when CFL free-agent marketplace opens

By Mario Annicchiarico, February 9, 2011

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I don’t expect us to be a major player next week,? stressed Tillman.

“We might, with an emphasis on might, go after one established starter.

Any others will be lesser names — an additional young man or two

who we feel will fit very nicely in our system.