Perry Lefko picks Winnipeg

There’ll likely be a very short leash on Porter in this game, any sign of struggles and we’ll likely be seeing KG.

Damn stockbrokers…


Perry is right: the Bombers are on a roll. The Cats have been tanking. It’s not a hard call, and probably the correct one.

BigBlock picks Hamilton.The Cats D will keep Bishop in check while Porters legs will get first downs.Mix in a bomb or two in Bruces direction , add a decent run attack and the Cats Win. I give the edge to Hamiltons Defense over Winnipegs D due to injury and drama ( Simpson) and the fact the Cats have players returning from injury.

You forgot one valuable point ........WE GOT THE 13TH MAN AND WOMEN AND CHILDREN

TRAITOR :wink:

The last trader i had was a Ted Smale Ottawa Rider card and I couldnt give it away.

Ummmmm.... MODS !!!!?????


P.S Considering I had something not even HALF as OFFENSIVE as this taken down within minutes - this is an EGREGIOUS DOUBLE STANDARD which I take PERSONAL. Especially since my comment was PROVOKED.

P.P.S Just to make this post THREAD RELEVANT ... Lefko is just using COMMON SENSE and RECENT Performance PROFILES to make his prediction. What I find more SURPRISING is the 61/2 point SPREAD in favour of Hamilton !!?? Pretty soft line if you ask me.

I predict a Hamiltom blowout.

Be sure to get your tickets!

I have to agree with this.

The Bombers have won their last two games, which for them is quite an accomplishment, I suppose. But the first of those wins was against a team with the league's worst record, and the second one was against an Edmonton team that did not look impressive that game, or in the one the next week. Speaking of that game, didn't Hill do a great job blocking Parker to allow Simon to get that TD that gave BC the win? :slight_smile:

Not that I think they should be taken lightly, as that seems to be the mistake EDM made last week.

The refs. in the CFL have been on the fix for the past 2 decades. The three worst cities to play in if your the opposing team? Sask., B.C., Edmonton!!!


Why does anyone take ANY prediction seriously?
Perry Lefko has provided a reasonable enough assessment of our far.
Unfortunately it is not worth a hill of beans as soon as the opening whistle blows.
Players (Caulley etc) back in the line-up....Setta has a replacement if offensive plan this week....Winnipeg could tank...penalties, fumbles and injuries can change any game. I could go on.
So I say to hell with all the prognosticators.....let's be optimistic.
Most of the "experts" get it wrong most of the time anyway. Thank goodness. :lol:

I feel the same. Our Cats are due for a big game!

I think Porter and the D will have big days.

According to CFL Insider Dave Naylor: Jake Ireland was seen leaving Mike Kellys room late last night with a large fruit basket. Reportedly included the finest wine and cheese money can buy...Im just saying

Ireland, dazed by the offer of Baby Duck and Kraft Singles, staggered into the hall.

Ireland, dazed by the offer of Baby Duck and Kraft Singles, staggered into the hall.
LoL @ The Duck! But isn't Baby Duck Champaigne or is it just "Sparkling Wine"?

LoL @ The Duck! But isn't Baby Duck Champaigne or is it just "Sparkling Wine"?
The latter...technically. :wink:

Baby Duck is a Wine hXXp://*

That`s what I said, the finest wine and cheese you can buy in Hamilton :rockin:

Go Bishop

I'm in Montreal. You don't want to go there in the wine and cheese issue. :wink: