Perry Lefko on the Positive Virtues of the Forbidden Chant

Hey, Perry Lefko visited Ivor Wynne Stadium last home game, and his chance encounter with the Forbidden Chant, and the Dear Leader of the Forbidden Demographic, seems to have made a very positive impression. Just thought I’d point it out.

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I particularly liked the opening line:
"The world is really small indeed, connected by time, people, places ... and an Argos $uck button."

Hopefully our caretaker will release us from exile and end "The Curse".

I am proud to say that I received a forbidden chant button as a gift from my girlfriend's father as a sign of acceptance in to the family and I have worn it proudly ever since.

Actually, I wore it to the Ticats game in Winnipeg along with my jersey and the person who checked my ticket said, "That button is the only good thing you have on," and I heard many other people tell me they concur with the button as well.

Long live the forbidden chant!

  • paul

There are certain things that should never be tampered with for fear of "The Curse". Unfortunately, this was one of them. :wink:

I loved the article and I love the 'forbidden chant'.

Our caretaker used to mention the importance of stories. Fortunately, many of the really good stories have a common thread.....a forbidden button.

On 10 November 2004, two stories of monumental significance crossed the desk of the Globe and Mail news room: The death of Yasser Arafat, and the Edict of the Forbidden Chant, wherein Mr. Young announced his intention to "reduce and if possible eliminate" the use of the phrase "Argos $uck!".

The Globe and Mail had a decision to make that day: which story to lead with? To the surprise of many, they chose to lead with the breaking news surrounding the Forbidden Chant.

History it seems has vindicated that editorial decision, for here we all are, almost three years later, still burdened with the curse, and the story is still making national headlines.

Hopefully the day will dawn when one will have to go to the archives, instead of the newsstand, to read about the forbidden curse. That will be a story in itself.

Correction, it was November 11th. Here is the proof: