Perry Lefko on the curse

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Whatever works!! I'll be there!!

At least you can bring your goat to IWS.

Who could have thought up such an idea?

For the record, we did extend an invitation to our dear Caretaker to participate in the event, and have not heard back.

It's not even a chant. It's a response (call - response).

...with B.A. Johnston, live in concert at the Horseshoe Tavern!!

The special guests I keep hearing about will only add to the experience. Seems it will be a who's-who of the Wednesday night Grey Cup scene.

I like the whole idea of Hamiltonizing such a storied Toronto landmark as well. And best of all, we will finally be released from the curse.

its really just stating the obvious. like saying the sky is blue or water is wet.

That's hilarious!

I hope to make it to the Horseshoe tavern.

What a riot.

You know, I think you guys are on to something here.

How else to explain the fact that players (and coaches) with otherwise stellar CFL credentials come here and soil the bed?

Robert Young should reverse his views on the curse forthwith; the Undertaker Era has seen this once-proud franchise sink to depths very few teams in the history of professional football have ever reached.

With some of the attention the 'Release The Curse' party is getting I wouldn't be surprised if Lefko is wrong about it not being one of the biggest.

With all the support out there for our cause, the place will be packed. Going back to the grassroots for Grey Cup revelry. None of this $300 pre-game ticket nonsense.