Perry Lefko at Sportsnet


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Great signing for SN, to have a truly CFL person and together with Neil Lumsden.

Good to see Lefko back writing about the CFL. The Toronto Sun hasn't had much about the CFL since Perry left, they're too busy writing about stuff most people don't care about.

Good signing. Should be good for the league.

Good article, fun stuff, Perry just wrote:

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Cool, he just signed up on CFL Zone. Congrats PL!

I've complained about how poorly the league has communicated with fans here, but Mr Lefko is not part of that group. He's one of few people within the league to take the time to respond to inquiries.

I appreciated the time he took (and the speed with which he responded) a great deal and look forward to seeing his future work. Class guy. :thup:

Another good article from Perry today.

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