Perry Floyd

I just read you guys signed Floyd (released by us a few weeks ago). This kid was the talk of training camp as a reciever. He's small (reminded everyone of Charlie Roberts, wore #1 too....), but every time he touched the ball he made plays. Well during the games he got into with us he fumbled a few times returning kicks and that lead to him being let go.
Do you guys see him getting much time returning, or even at reciever? Or is he being brought in for the playbook :stuck_out_tongue: ?
This just makes our 3 games coming up a little more intresting

I saw his twitter yesterday that he was on his way to Montreal. I automatically assume it is for the kick return role.

Like I said when we got Yvenson Bernard...Trestman and co will have little patience with anyone
Who can't protect the football
We don't need...nor if the last few years is any guide will AC use...a 5'5" receiver
So I imagine Floyd is here primarily as a kick returner

Anyone clinging to Maypray fanhood is s**t out of luck

In memory of Ted Tevan:
"You're gone!"

And I'm sure the same ignominious fate will befall Perry Floyd
If he can't hold onto the ball

In 2 pre-season games, he touched/had the ball 9 times and fumbled once; in 5 games played with the Bombers,he had the ball 29 times and fumbled twice.


He's from North Carolina, so I'm sure our coaching staff know what his abilities are. We'll see how he does.

He was born in Gastonia NC and attended Wingate.

I expect him to be added to the practice roster; presently, there are 7 players -max,- on practice roster,meaning that 1 will have to be removed; Bo Bowling or Seth Williams could be added to active roster.



He had 2 fumbles but he also had 4 or 5 drops when he was catching a punt/kick-off that weren't counted in the fumble stats.

Herb writes that Perry Floyd has been added to the practice roster; we don't know who will come off. I don't expect him to play,soon.

Herb adds that Dylan Steenbergen and Luc Mullinder have been told to remain at home,"until their situations are clarified" Could they be traded or have they been asked to take a pay cut? If Steenbergen is out.could John Hashem-OL,N- come off the practice roster and added to active roster.

We will/should know more in the next days.


According to Als Inside/Out, Luc Mullinder writes on his Twitter that he has been released by the Als.

I presume that Chima could be back on the active roster.


J'avais remarqué que Floyd était sans contrat avec les Blue Bombers, et voilà que les Alouettes lui donnent une chance.

Comme Richard et Senior le soulignent, la conservation du ballon est un enjeu important.

Il va falloir qu'il démontre qu'il peut le faire avec régularité, sinon, il ne sera que de passage. Est-ce que ça veut dire que Slaughter n'aura pas d'essai?