Perrett prend sa retraite

Jeff Perrett a accorché ses crampons.

Il a été un joueur solide tout au long de sa carrière, malgré une moins bonne année l'an passé. Son travail a souvent été un peu dans l'ombre d'autres joueurs, mais il a sans conteste contribué aux succès des Alouettes dans les années Trestman, et sa nomination comme joueur de ligne de l'année en 2014 était pleinement méritée.

Il a été un joueur d'équipe très apprécié. J'espère que son grand fan Claude Martel continuera à porter fièrement son chandail numéro 54.

Merci à Jeff pour ses sacrifices, son travail acharné et son dévouement.

Were Trestman/Popp that uninspiring or is this a "hide him while he recovers from some injury" move like they did with Chad Kackert a couple of years ago?

They just went through mini-camp. I guess he realized he didn't have the energy to start anymore.
Wish him and his family the best.

Perrett says he realized he lost his passion for the game after 1st day of Argos mini-camp.

Hopes to go into teaching / counselling. Certainly wish him the best in his retirement.

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Sheldon : Thanks for putting Perrett's radio info on our Forum. Living in Niagara I appreciate the effort you and others help out us ex Montrealers out by sending along this and the French media's coverage of the Als.

Niagara, I certainly enjoy your posts and admire your continued loyalty to a team you said you`ve been following since a youngster.

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Niagara is the Patriarch of this forum :thup:

On the radio I listened to the Alouettes win the Grey Cup in 1949.

Keep the posts coming Niagara !

You didn`t have an HD widescreen TV ?!! Boy you were really deprived. :smiley:

Don't you mean Ultra 4K widescreen?!

Good move by new regime to cut Perrett recognizing he was done and making moves to replace him it appears.

Always depends on how good the replacements are, replacing him by a more worn out Simmons isn't going to cut it.

Jeff and Josh played a lot of tough football games for this team. They bookended that line for most of a decade. I've very grateful to them and wish them well.

Yup... We'll see if Simmons is done. But it was a good move to reduce payroll by $200,000 and cut a guy who was clearly done but not wanting to retire.

And agreed that Perrett had a great career in Montreal and well wishes.

[i]That is awesome! Since the Alouettes were founded in 1946, you have really seen and heard it all when it comes to our team.

You are the elder statesmen of this forum Niagara! :thup: