Permanent Endzone seats needed with GreyCup bid

I think for atmosphere and good optics Redblacks OSEG should put in end zone seats with Grey Cup bid . It would give the stadium the nice enclosed feeling . After seeing people sitting on the hill maybe it's time to go ahead with it .

Would be nice, but likely just more empty seats.

What empty seats???? The REDBLACKS were near capacity and sometimes over capacity for all their games!!! First post and it's a negative one. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Agreed, attendance was great this year, but we still had several games with 2-3,000 tickets unsold. (Not counting the 9,000 empty seats for the Toronto "home" game)
Let's consistently fill the stadium before adding more seating in the endzones. :smiley:

I'd love a roof over the south stands. Keeps fans in their seats when it rains, but more importantly, helps to amp up the crowd noise when the D is on the field! :rockin: :rockin:

Definitely the reason they had the low crowd for the Edmonton game as it was pouring . Surprised that MLSE gets it and puts a roof over BMO for all seating . There is no walk ups for rain days . The south side needs a roof someday I just believe you have to tie big expenditures with public will and that happens with big events like Fifa or grey cups or big stadium shows . That's why you tie at least one end zone with grey cup to justify cost plus people buy these tickets with the knowledge they get first crack at tickets with their season tickets . So you sell the end zones and get regulars who stay in end zones like the dawg pound in poor Cleveland and never leave . :lol:

No roof on the Southside thank you. 8)

It's tradition here in Ottawa and should stay that way, besides, we like it just the way it is ...... in the open air.
IMO we don't need end zone seats either. I like the way Ottawa has designed their stadium.

Now if they would only tear up the NORTHSIDE so we get something NICE to look at as well :slight_smile: :cowboy:

Now if they would only tear up the NORTHSIDE so we get something NICE to look at as well :) :cowboy:
Haha! Amen.

All I want is for Redblacks fans to continue to pack the place. The atmosphere with a full and engaged crowd is incredible.

I like seeing the people leaning against the fence along the back of the East endzone and watching the game from there.

Unfortunately, they're not in their seats, so there are always empties in the stands but you can't really have it both ways (unless they want to make standing-room only a regular thing, but I'm not sure that's such a good idea).

and there are lots of people also sitting at the west end zone as well although I think there may be some of the "hard core" smokers staying close to the smoking areas LOL

No team in the league sells out every game.

Hey, Jayme! Where ya been? :smiley:

No team in the league sells out every game.
Except Montreal for several consecutive years when the capacity of Percival Molson was still 20,202.

Just saying there's no need for additional seats until the demand is there. Maybe some games that were sold out this year could have sold an additional thousand tickets or more, I really don't know. I do know that 4 games this year were not sellouts.

Montreal expanded their stadium by 5,000 seats in 2010 and since 2011 they haven't sold out any games. I think there's a saturation point and I'd rather have a full, smaller sized stadium than a bigger stadium with empty seats. Obviously the expansion in Montreal was for financial reasons as it's pretty hard to turn a profit with only 20k fans at every game.

I understand everyone's hesitation in adding new seats as its good PR atmosphere to have the seats full and tell it to the media that it's a sellout . However the endzone seats because it's cut off to the north side and narrows out to the bridge which should have been bigger the bridge that is ; the number of seats would only be about 850 to 950 not a huge number .

You don't need them yet for the other end zone .

In the renders there was suppose to be tiered seating in the endzones and the fans were promised a bowl enclosed atmosphere . The southside curved stands is a huge boost when looking at them from the north stand it just looks like a professional stadium . My feeling is because of liability issues they could not do tiered seating because of the
issue of normal people or drunks falling down the hill . That's why I feel they did let me down on this issue . I believe the biggest reason for football revival in Ottawa is better stadium and atmosphere . Number 2 the willingness to spend money on talent especially when one guy gets hurt or is poor at their position (kicker ), number 3 management and 4 sales staff who are doing a great job .

They also need better concessions at this endzone everything is at the other end ( entertainment etc ..) so for me they always need improving . If I was the owner I would get a second large screen for the other end as well , get more concessions and finish construction of the endzones for this side. Long winded ; just wanted to explain my position more .

I think a small end zone section would definitely be in demand for the Fury games.
It could serve well for CFL playoff games too, instead of standing room only tickets.

Who knows, maybe the extra seats would help with walk ups. Apparently after the first season in particular, all the sellouts took a toll on the walk up crowds. Never any tickets left, so people stopped trying.

If the seats were right behind the goal for soccer yes they would be in demand but if they put in football end zone seats they would be too far back from the goal. If you have been to BMO they have them goal seats that are right behind the goal line and it's in high demand. In the renovated BMO they will be retractable and pushed out of the way for a CFL game.
The problem with end zone seats at TD Place is that people will buy the cheapest tickets and then stand on the south side concourse, the end zone seats will be empty most of the time.

I say we wait for a few seasons to see how the attendance is coming along. Just install temporary seats in the end zones for the 2017 Grey Cup.
There is nothing worse than seeing a bunch of empty seats anywhere in the stadium, for those attending the game and for the TV audience.

I would have been satisfied with the original tiered seating as promised for both endzones . They would need to put in proper steps to it and safety measures to obtain the look they were originally planning to do and not have a standing room only policy . They allowed them to sit in one of the endzones during the first Saskatchewan game but I noticed security had a hard time with patrons especially those with too much alcohol . So I figure that liability is the reason they did not allow the 500 extra patrons at the east final to sit on the grass on the hill in the endzone .

With all the action bud zone etc at the other end zone they need to amp up the east endzone in order for people to buy into the east area north stands which are the hardest to sell .

I have been to many stadiums NFL and CFL the endzones as long as it its not huge(CFL) do get purchased and many times they have long time customers who prefer to sit there .

Just a note the southside upper deck did have roof on it I know I sat there many a rainy day and night so I am not buying the tradition thing most people hate the sun in there eyes and hate getting wet and cold .

The problem with CFL end zone seats is that you are too far away form the action. At least in the NFL with the 10 yard end zones the fans in the end zones are only just over 10 yards from the goal line. In the CFL you are 20 yards plus a minimum of another 6 yards run off. In soccer too them "end zone" seats are right behind the goal and fans are on top of the goal.
I like the idea at THF with the patio/bar area behind both end zones, I don't like to see empty end zone bleacher seats.

Agree with you about size . It’s a preferred taste and price point that’s why you keep it small 500 to 900 . The endzone seats at McGill were always full because of price point . Now one is strictly a party area I get that .

The one endzone at THF Hamilton is terrible with the roped off chesterfields (Canadian eh) with a waitress and calling it a high end location to party will die off when the novelty wears off . It looks cheap . If it was positioned high up with a roof even an awning of some sort it would make some sense but I think these are corporate giveaways anyhow and the tigercats are not in position yet to change it .

As far as the west end zone they would sell easy as this is the main party central at TD Place and everyone congregates at this location . Right now I wouldn’t put seats there and start to focus and building up the east end zone with varied concessions and add seats to the already built end zone hill within the stadium for over flow . You don’t need the PR sell outs now the streak is over they will still be many more SO but not when it’s a regular season rainy day against a non rival team . The two corners on the south side seem to fill up alright . I sat there once won’t again because of the view but others like it .

I guess my biggest point is the Redblacks organization know they are heavily focused on one area the west end
zone since they started and need to realign it’s focus and balance the stadium by doing something to the east end .
At least get another board up at the other end so you don’t have to crank your neck for replays.

I say we wait for a few seasons to see how the attendance is coming along.
Yup. Attendance is down across the league; let's make sure ours stays strong. Year 3 will be a good indication of interest in Ottawa. The novelty has worn off for the casual fan, however we had an unbelievable season. Let's see if that translates into ticket sales. I read somewhere that seasons tickets sales are ahead of last years pace. It would be nice to get back to the 17,000 we had in season 1. (Hoping for 18,000 :rockin: )