Perils of the Prevent D - Wpg/Mtl Edition

I just watched my PVR'd fourth quarter of the Winnipeg-Montreal game. Amazing come-back, more amazing than the Edmonton - Hamilton finish, good football entertainment.

I can't believe that Montreal went into that shell on the second to last drive, definitely where they gave up the game, leading to the loss, even though still in the lead. Especially for a Montreal defence. Why oh why do DCs fall into that prevent D trap? At least a long bomb may have left Montreal some time on the clock to recover.

That short kick-off was a gem, kudos to O'Shea and the ST coach for devising it and to Medlock for the perfect execution.

My only sour note was the RTP call on Ackie. It looked to me like Nichols ducked down and forward into the tackle, and then sprang up pointing at his helmet to reinforce the call. Might have changed the outcome of the game right there. I personally don't believe that was RTP and am doubly annoyed because I have to agree with Jock Climie's assessment after the game.

A solid game on both sides, IMO ruined for Montreal by their decision to back-pedal on the second to last drive (the penultimate drive, right?).

I heard it said that all a prevent defense does is prevent you from winning.

That strategy always makes me nervous, especially when it’s my team that’s doing it…

Yup , and here I was thinking that the Ti-Cats had wrote the book and had perfected the “prevent” you from winning defence . I thought that we had it down to a fine science in fact . It’s always nice to see other teams utilising it as well…especially teams that are in our own division :wink: . Nice win B.B’s :smiley: I guess that will temporarily shut-up all those Alouette fans that have been laughing at us for having Reinebold as our DC :lol: It looks like good old Noel Thorpe ain’t much better than our good old J.R . and Montreal is just as good as we are when it comes to turning a sure victory into a sure defeat . :smiley:

My goodness to read some of the entries here, you would think it's only Hamilton that has bad games. Everyone else is faultless.

I remember back when Don Sutherin was our DC, he used to bring in the prevent. Luckily, we had Joe Montford to hurry up and disrupt the other team.