Perhaps the League should investigate the Moreno Trade

I don't like the smell of this.

Brendan Taman is a snake in my opinion.

We got fleeced by a team we are battling for a playoff spot ... I think Canada is doing everything in his power to remain with Winnipeg and his remarks directed towards Hamilton are very unprofessional.

I think we should have settled for a least a starter in this trade ... always a starter for a starter ... perhaps Obie will trade one of the 2 first round picks for someone that can help immeadiately.

We will have to wait until Spring 2009 to find out.

A first round pick in the CFL is worth squat.

As for Canada's comments I have never ever heard an athlete put down a city like that. Most disrespectful peice of s***

Not true, Calgary got two starting o-linemen with their first round picks, and your beloved Jesse Lumsden was a first round pick.

How many first round picks aren't in the league?

And, yes, Jesse was a first round pick. He's also an AWESOME player. But he only plays 50% of the games.

When it is known a pick will probably take a few years to make his way into the league his stock drops. Such as Corey Mace or Samuel Giguere, both sure fire 1st round picks, went to the nfl.

This trade is very fishy. Canada conveniently comes down with a enlarged spleen upon hearing he's been dealt to Hamilton? The Bombers didn't know this? I think they did and that's why they 'traded' him knowing he'd be unavailable and they could keep him.

Either that or OB was taken lock, stock and barrel. He didn't do his due diligence and make sure Canada was healthy enough to pass a physical. Seems pretty standard procedure to me, ie. trades being contingent on the parties passing physicals by their new teams.

Or did they just want to dump Moreno because of his salary, because of Creehan, because he wanted out of Hamilton...?

This just doesn't add up right to me and it stinks. An all-star MLB for draft picks and maybe a NFL cut? C'mon, gimme a break.

An Argo-Cat fan

But it also took him 2 years to get here and play full time.

A lot of draft picks either try out in the nfl or go back for their final year of university, look at gigure and giffin

I just watched TSN report on the trade in which they report that Canada has been ill for weeks. Tell me Winnipeg did not know this. If they did not disclose this to Hamilton, then the league should investigate and Winnipeg should have to return Moreno and as a fine Hamilton gets to keep the rights to Mace. Winnipeg can keep Canada.