Performance incentives /Salary Cap

I always wondered about this but forget to ask.

When totalling the amount a team has spent on player salaries, is that team required to report the salary plus the potential cash bonuses for certain achievements that are commonly built into their contracts?....or, are performance incentives (bonuses) not required to be factored into the equation for the purposes of the Salary Management System (Salary Cap)

(just one of those "quirky" questions that I've had rolling around in my head for a while)

thanks 8)

The league probably treats potential cash bonuses
the same way that the Canada Revenue Agency does.

Not many CFL players have incentive bonuses and the main reason is because they are included under the salary cap. The "final" salary total for any player is included under the cap.

For some strange reason I was asking Marcel about incentive bonuses last year at the kick off party and he said not many players have incentive bonuses and they tend to be unique circumstances....and yes they count under the cap.