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Bombers sign Inglis, release Bestard...

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Quick & clean.

I like the decisiveness of the brain trust.

The knife cuts quickly and deeply. Still a bit of a surprise considering he was really supposed to be a young depth guy at multiple positions on the Oline and was pressed into long snapping as the best available option when Cvetty got hurt. Is there any chance he gets onto the PR? I'm trying to remember what the rules are, do you have to cut someone if they are on the active roster in order to move them to the PR or can you move them directly? If he's not bound for our PR, could still prove to be a good pickup for another team considering how some of the other olines played in week 1.

First, a player has to be released; if unclaimed,he could be added to the practice roster.


i think releasing him means he only made the team cuz cvetkovic got hurt and didnt impress as an olinemen.

smart move by the bombers, 3 bad snaps.. out of position on the 1 thigpen return.. had no choice really.

PR is full so another player would have to be released to add him to the PR.

txs for the clarification Richard, I figured that's what it was. Anyway, with the converted DE in Greaves on the active roster and Kowalczuk on the PR as NI olineman depth, plus Donnelly is due to come back here and can play anywhere along the line I think. So Bestard will be moving on then unless a) Inglis decides to leave or doesn't pan out in the next few days or b) he bumps off Kowalczuk from the PR (Medder I'm guessing will stick for a while as the import backup for Douglas and Butler until January comes back, if he does at all this season).

bestard was apparently outright released with no offer of a PR spot. he may have cis eligibility left also. ain't no-game for the faint-hearted that's for decisions can be quick and cold... :expressionless:

He was drafted last year and went back for his last year of CIS after he was released from last years camp IIRC.

ahh IIRC..

riiiiiiight. k.

who cares, im not the coach or management, im basing my opinion on bestard sucking for 1 game, they are basing that on training camp,film,etc..

I guess what am i sayin is who cares about that creepy littlle bestard.

Seems they also released David Ball (WR) and signed

Don Brown (DB)
Armond Willis (DE)

Anyone got a link yet ?

Cornerback Keyou Craver has a torn ACL and will be sidelined indefinitely. On Tuesday, the team signed DB Donald Brown Jr. and DE Armond Willis, and released WR David Ball from the practice roster. - TSN/Team Release