Perfect Season start date

Great "interjection". :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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The new USFL already has a deal with FOX in USA for spring football tv deal for 2022 which makes them one step ahead of the XFL 3.0. What would the CFL gain from any merger with XFL 3.0 now? The CFL is better off keeping their season the same now and stay independent.


We don't know what that deal entails. Most likely a time-buy with most games on FS1 & FS2. Redbird and the XFL can utilize streaming media, implementation of gambling and fantasy sports, and attracting big time sponsors that neither league would get on their own (Molson, Ford, Apple, Nike)

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Why couldnt the CFL attract a Ford or a Molson without American help?

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Perhaps they could, but they haven't lately. There's a pretty stark contrast between the quality and quantity of commercials for an NFL telecast vs. a CFL. However, a 16 team league has more potential eyeballs on it with a higher glass ceiling for revenue and growth.


The phrase too much time on your hands doesnt apply to me. If we take the statement literally it indicates that I have somehow mastered time travel or I am living on a planet that has more than 25 hours in a day as opposed to our 24 hour one. If the latter were true then Ambrosies goals have been surpassed because the CFL has gone beyond the global 2.0 vision. On our plain of existence time is a man made constant and applies equally to everyone. Therefore one person cannot have too much time.

It is generally incorrect because I havent had a day off work since St. Patricks Day. Ill be working 7 days a week until my company finds another cleaner. Getting a quality worker wont be easy because they are in high demand and there is a limited supply. If I had too much time on my hands, I would watch television to occupy myself.

I was thinking about the whole conversation and upon reflection I have to think that the use of the word extra wasnt accurate. For example, if I go to the store, buy 6 oranges, go to work and bump into a hungry co-worker, I would say, would you like an orange, I have some extra ones?

If I went to the XFL grocery store and noticed that they had 22 apples, then went to the CFL grocery store and noticed they had 24 apples I could say I like the CFL store because they had 2 more apples.

The word extra means more than necessary this would imply that having 12 players on the field is somewhat excessive. Id like to officially apologize to the CFL fans everywhere in the world for misusing the word. In my defence it wasnt my word originally.

The only observation that I would make regarding our particular conversation was that he stated that the XFL player was learning. This indicates that the playing surface itself was a practice field and wouldnt count in the standings or the record book.

Start Canada Day weekend, no change in Grey Cup timing. Move the GC back to Sat afternoon, the way it used to be. Advantages: 1) more comfortable for stadium fans than a dark cold winter night 2) more convenient for out of town fans to attend & still get home for Mon workday 3) better for GC parties 4) avoids conflict with NFL SNF game 5) just plain a more exciting spectacle in daylight.


Disadvantage: lower TV ratings. I don't know for a fact, however it seems reasonable that the TV contract TSN has with the CFL would give them rights regarding scheduling of games.

Problem with that it's a almost a week long celebration and it brings economic activity into whatever city so you would be selling a full day short of economic activity on a weekend .

The Grey Cup is not a one day event it's a multiple day celebration of Canadian football . Usually a festival would have an entire weekend of football party activity surrounding the event .

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The season usually starts the second week of June now and because of an extra bi-week the Grey Cup is 3rd week of November. For the season to start Canada Day weekend you would need to have a mid-December Grey Cup every year from now on.
I understand everyone's arguments about start dates ( Saskatchewan farmers, NHL conflicts ect....). They are all valid in their own right.
For me, as I grow older ( and my HD TV grows bigger), my excitement over winter weather outdoor goes way down.


not only that but with Ambrosie inviting people all over the world to watch the Grey Cup game you get foreigners coming to Canada in November. If you're from a warm country you probably aren't going to be as enthusiastic (unless it's in Vancouver) about your Grey Cup experience. That person will go home and tell everyone how cold it is over here lol

You're probably right about TSN controlling the scheduling. That's unfortunate. However, I'm not convinced the TV ratings are better for a Sun night GC than a Sat afternoon. On Sun its competing with NFL SNF, which likely would be a marquee game in late Nov. Also, the eastern audience would be tuning out a non competitive game due to its lateness. I remember when the GC was on Sat. Seemed like everybody was watching TV & partying. Sun was time to kick the hangover and, for out of towners, travel home for Mon workday.

Google tells me the last Saturday Grey Cup was in 1970. Is that what you are recalling? Curious about whether people gathered at the one house on the block with the colour TV, or did they choose based on who had the giant 20-inch floor console.

(I'm partly kidding. But not if you're thinking about 1965 - then I'm totally serious.)


My computer monitor is bigger than the TV we had in 1970.


And the kids today are excited to be able to watch TV on their phones. Or if their parents have money - maybe even on their watch!


It is the potential audience that counts here. There are many more people watching TV on a Sunday night, than on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, so the potential audience is much higher. I, too, remember when the GC was on Saturday afternoons as well (other than the Fog Bowl which was on both Saturday and Sunday :grinning:). Unfortunately, time does not stand still and things are different these days. I am reminded of this fact especially when I look in the bathroom mirror in the mornings. :upside_down_face:


TSN/RDS/CTV know what they are doing. If they thought that Saturday night had the potential to reach more viewers they would do it. It's the same for some saying that the GC should be on CTV, if they thought they could get more viewers, they would do it. They've done their research.

Part of it is money as well. TSN wants subscribers. Its better for them to keep it off CTV

NFL plays some playoff games in daylight. NHL plays some Stanley Cup games on both Sat & Sun afternoons. I don't believe the usual TV audience data is that relevant for a major event like the GC. I'd love to debate this with a TSN rep.
Canadians everywhere make it a point to watch. So, why not have better playing conditions and a more exciting atmosphere for the fans? Sun night GCs are OK in an indoor venue like Rogers Center or BC Place. Playing in Regina or Wpg is really rolling the dice. Sooner or later there's going to be "ice bowl" conditions like Green Bay in 1967.

As regards the "Fog Bowl" I was there as a young kid in 1962. Truly an unforgettable experience. Years later I met Kenny Ploen at a luncheon event in Wpg. He told me visibility was decent on the field and players wanted to keep playing. The game was interrupted for the fans who were loudly booing because they couldn't see the action. From my seat high in the open stands at CNE, the field had disappeared by mid 3rd qtr. Before kickoff I could see the heavy fog bank sitting in Lake Ont. Almost on cue, it started moving in when the game began.