Perfect Season start date

There has been some talk about the CFL starting next season earlier to get more games in before NFL kickoff especially in regards to Sports betting.
There are many factors to consider, including more conflict with the NHL playoffs.
My ideal season would be starting mid May with a Canadian Thanksgiving Sunday Grey Cup. Imagine always having the Monday off the day after Grey Cup? Imagine out West, having the playoffs in early October?
What would be your ideal schedule?

My ideal schedule is to leave it as it always was,
If you start in mid may you go against Hockey Playoffs


October is the worst possible time for playoffs in Saskatchewan. Forget competing with NFL or NHL, you are now competing with harvest. Many of our fans are rural and cannot give up time in October no matter how badly they want to attend.

Start on or around Canada Day, wrap up the end of November. Cottage crowds may miss summer games, farmers may miss harvest time, so will maybe be some jiggling with home schedules to accommodate local preferences. I’d like to see a few more afternoon games, Saturdays occasionally through mid-August to end of October. Nothing beats football on a sunny afternoon on a mild fall day. Bubbly beverage anyone?


ANY Sunday that's before the US Thanksgiving holiday works for me.

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I never knew any of this. Interesting.
It does seem that the Riders still get 30,000 for October regular season home games though.
There are many years that playoff games in Alberta get crowds below their regular season averages because it's minus 20 out.

Victoria Day May long weekend to Remembrance Day November.

Start the CFL season on a holiday weekend and end on a holiday weekend

If you don’t want to compete head to head against NHL playoffs, then I would say hold weekend afternoon games late May into first two weeks of June. Then go back to the Friday and Saturday night schedule for most of the season. Would love to see more afternoon games in the fall though.

The 18 game schedule with 3 bye weeks makes it tough to end the season much earlier. Some have talked about scrapping preseason games and that’s quite likely for 2021 - but I don’t see this as a good solution in a normal year. Way too many players to evaluate and kinks to work out both scheme and conditioning wise.

I’d say early May training camp, start regular season around Victoria Day as Dave mentioned. With the calendar the way it is this year, 21 weeks of games plus byes, then 2 weeks of playoff puts you at a Grey Cup on Halloween weekend. Which still likely wouldn’t work well. They may need to drop one preseason game, one bye week or one regular season game and play Grey Cup 3rd weekend in October.


If they go with the XFL that would be the compromise schedule I hope for with a Thanksgiving Sunday which would be perfect for a GC .

If no merger ; I would keep the same schedule only go with the last weekend In November or first weekend in December .

For me going to watch live , I want more afternoon fall games .


Agree Jasmine, evening games are fine in summer, but in the fall nothing beats a Saturday or Sunday crisp fall afternoon game


Exactly where the schedule has been for years.

With a Vanier and a Grey Cup weekend at the same stadium.

Which will take them to the end of November or early December.

Nothing wrong with the schedule where it is.

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Didn't know about the October harvest.

The CFL will move the schedule up for 3 to 4weeks early so that it garner more betting before the NFL starts it's season as the CFL's exclusivity gambling window is open. Money talks. Follow the money

A short term solution with zero upside.

Single game betting will be mute if there's an election this year.

Canadian Football is too small to be separated at the pro and amateur level.

Having the CFL start 4 weeks earlier does nothing to grow the sport at the Junior and University level along with High School.

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Single game betting will be a boon for the CFL. Gamblers bet on Football more than any other sport. No way the CFL turns away 20 million dollars in revenue from gambling and it will increase annually.

Bill C-218 will be passed before the Fall the latest. You better hope the Bill passes or you can kiss the CFL good bye. If this Bill dies, the CFL will be forced to merge with the Rock and Red Bird and lose Canadian 3 down football.

Most Canadian high schools have dropped football anyway, so it doesn't matter. The high schools and Universities are on their own to grow the sport

True we may have those fans in the stands but many of the farmers who have season tickets, give away or sell the tickets to those games. It would penalize a lot of season ticket holders to be forced to miss an October play-off game. They may be listening on the radio while riding the combine or driving grain trucks but they are only missing a regular season game, not a play-off game which doesn't happen every year.

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The 3 entities (High School/Community, University and Pro) are too intertwined to survive as separate entities.

The future of Canadian Football are at stake.

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Explain to how the three entities are too intertwined to survive separately/ I don't understand

They are not big enough to survive on there own.

If the season starts in April then when does the Canadian draft will take place.

There's a YouTube video of Jim Mullen president of Football Canada explaiing the consequences of a potential merger with the XFL.