Perfect Football Entertainment Tonight

Great game played by two great teams with some animosity thrown in.

Great enthusiasm and reaction by the crowd. Great play by play and camera work by the CBC.
Loved the red zone graphic.

And most importantly great work by the officials. Outside of maybe the brawl at the end of the second quarter, they stayed out of the game as much as possible.

Anybody who didn't like this game doesn't like football.

Im now going to have a headache all weekend from how loud it was, my ears are still ringing. We caused 4 illegal procedure calls near the end and the 2 girls beside me were screaming incredibly loud.

Yes and it did not help! :lol: :lol:

It did help as a matter of fact, they lost 20 yards due to the fans :slight_smile:

And we'd be singing a different tune about how the fans helped contribute to the win if the Safety was in the right position on the Geroy TD :frowning:

Dust are going with if's again. If your team was great the past 17 years you would have won a GC. But we do not rely on if's right. Sure I am sure it was fun yelling your heads off but in the end the game was won by the lions no if's about it.

Actually, I hated the red-zone graphic, but that's just me.

It was definitely a great game. Intense, and down to the wire. Much more interesting than the blow-out games! Officiating was pretty good, but with the missed ejection, it's going to leave a sour taste in a lot of people's mouth.

I got sidetracked :wink:

My point still stands though, the fans did make a difference in the game, we still lost but they helped.

Well as long as you had fun thats all that counts. Unlike the thrashing at McMahon where fights broke out every where. :lol:

There was one Lions fan a few rows back, probably the only guy in the building, he was hilarious.

In the end it was an enjoyable game, a few bounces that went the other way that were the difference.

Well I am sure you guys treated him with kindness. :lol:

I actually sit in a pretty good section, not too many rowdy drunk people, he was probably treated pretty good.

Wow at McMahon there were not to many rider fans sober.

There's also a lot more tailgating at McMahon, when I went to a game in McMahon there was a huge Rider tailgate party before hand at Vipers stadium.

Besides, that's only once or twice a year, it's like the labour day game here with Bomber fans, they're all drunk.

That was a pretty good game. The momentum kept going back and forth all game. At first I was thinking "Holy crap how have these Riders even lost a game?" when they scored on every drive. But the Lions aren't pushovers and the Riders got a bit sleepy in the last minute there and let the Leos do to them what they did to the Bombers about a month ago. You gotta play the full 60 min against the Lions.

Great game!

riders choke as usual, they are CFLs version of the buffalo bills, big time choke artists. They cant even beat a 3rd string QB who is only a runner.

Jarious is not a running QB, he's mobile but he doesn't run very often.

so I went to a bar to watch the last quarter of the game tonight as my friend and his girlfiend came into town from down the road and just as we ordered they changed the game to ufc the thing wasnt even on yet and they wouldnt even change 1 tv to the game its my last time ever darkening their door ... so if you ever come to Kelowna dont go to DAKOTAS

They probably paid for UFC so I see why they would want to change it... but they could have had the common decency to leave 1 TV with the game on it.

It wasnt even on yet just the promos and I was a regular

Great job by the CBC. Lee and Walby were on the ball all night. CBC has lots more camera angles than TSN too and their panel is also better.

We'll miss you CBC!