Perfect Explanation Why Nobody Likes Rider Fans

Just had to post this great explanation on why Rider fans are so despised around the league. Credit goes to "jcalhoun", whoever he is:

The problem with the Riders' fan base is they were told for years that they were the greatest fans in the league and this was the consolation prize for being the lovable losers of the CFL. What the rest of the league admired was their fan's stoicism in the face of one horrific season after another. But as the team turned around and started winning with regularity, this consolation prize became a cri de coeur enabling the worst sort of excesses amongst the fan base. When I think of the best fans in the league I think of someone who's there rain or shine, thick or thin; I don't think of a drunk painted green with a watermelon on his head who has left Saskatchewan and only recalls his passion for the game when the Riders come to town.

There are (of course) wonderful people cheering for teams across this league and the Riders have many of them. But in my experience they also have a healthy share of the worst fans in the league. And the latter group is why the rest of the league is smirking right now, over the team's flagrant cheating and woeful win-loss record.

Worst attempt ever........ :thdn:

Yes lets create new rider hate threads nightly.... The others just dont get the point across.

I do not recall any rider fans starting threads like this to attack the fans of other teams over the years. But there are more than a few from other teams that target the riders. Kinda demented to suggest the riders have bad fans when its the fans of primarily 3 teams doing all the crap. Its not about thick skin ....its about being factual that the worst fans atleast here are from 3 teams for the most part .... And the riders are not. One of them.

Im not sure which team gets claim to the worst fans in the CFL but its not the riders. 3 teams fans are clearly in the lead and have just about succeeded in killing this forum. Its dead in here and with the predictable viral garbage being posted its anything but a fan forum. I hate to tar an entire teams fans like the OP and others due but until those teams disown these folks well......

Sad really that so called fans of other teams have such poor sportsmenship.....i would think more the better.

[i]What goes around comes around buddy boy! Johnny has read bigoted stuff aimed at Montrealers and Quebec on Stuff that is just hateful and has nothing to do with football.

So yeah, when Johnny can stick it to the Rider fans, he sticks it with joy and enthusiasm! :smiley:

Johnny still hates the Ticats more though! [/i]

Sorry he's right :stuck_out_tongue:

Just curious there Johnny, is there a reason why you talk like a baby in the third person? It reminds me of little Zoey Klein who incorrectly mangles her pronouns in the first person, but she’s only four.

Gonna piss off my buddy Johnny but the best fan base in the league right now is in is Hamilton. Especially since Bob has convinced them and influenced a classier behavior at his stadium.

There was a time when you might have been derelict in your parenting obligations taking your kids there. Now its a great family atmosphere.

Winnipeg fans are a close second.

As for the Riders. its a "mob mentality" that's a lot closer to the British hooliganism we see in soccer and in recent years we found out that their "management" has put sticks in the wheels of the CFL machine at every turn and quietly cheated the system for years, while they peddled false accusations at private owners who put their own money in play and often lose more than they make.

Pretty good assessment and I would say accurate. And yes it is a small vocal group that gives the rider fans a bad image.

I dunno - I'd have to go to a 'Rider game in Saskatchewan wearing the opponents' team jersey before I comment. On 'fan' forums, it's normal everywhere. Love your team, hate everyone else. This site has places for each 'fan' of their team to discuss things, as well as a general area for all fans to congregate and talk 'smack' to the other folks like we've always done long before the great Al Gore invented the internet so we could do so anonymously.

I agree with the 'Rider fans here. Why not make a "Why nobody likes Lions fans" or "Why nobody likes Stampeder fans"

It may have happened here, I don't know, but I can never, ever, recall, a group of fans from one team beating the living crap out a fan for another team. Happened in the US - happens in Football (the real football) overseas, especially in the United Kingdom, but never once here. I've been to many games in many stadiums, am a 22 year season ticket holder, and I've never once witnessed this kind of behavior.

For the record, I am not a 'Rider fan but like everyone at one point and time they were my second fav team. Not because they were losing, but because it was a team of irrelevance so whenever the 'Riders were not playing against 'my' team I always hoped they win because that gave my 'team' a better position in the standings.

Also, every fan base does have what the OP calls 'drunk with a watermelon head' - how the heck do you know that A) he's drunk and B) he's a um, a 'bad' fan. I see the beer snake in Wpg and fans imitating Oakland Raider fans (warrior paint and blue shoulder pads with spikes on them) trying to be intimidating. I could easily call them out in the same manner as the OP is calling out the 'watermelon' heads. But to me, it looks like they are great fans enjoying their team in a group atmosphere. "They" and "Their" are synonymous with 'Rider, bomber, Esk, Lions, Stamp, Ti-Cat, Argo, REDBLACK, and AL fans.

I think this is a very unnecessary topic, if I were a mod here, I'd delete this thread and warn the OP. As long as there is no violence, fans can say and do whatever they want. I enjoy it quite frankly. It's what makes us 'fans'. Leave the 'rider' fans alone. Run down their team, run down their coach. Debate calls on the field. But IMO never make it personal, and that's what this thread is doing.

Ah no use pointing fingers all fan bases have those fans that you have to shake your head at. But I think his assessment was pretty accurate. It also might have to do with what do you consider bad fans right. If you ask several people I am sure not one of them would have the same conditions to be a bad fan. I think the big problem is that CNN has put that label onto rider fans over the years by saying how loud and crazy the fans in Regina are. To me that is a sign of a good fan who gets into the game watches the game and cheers on their team that to me is a good fan and thats face it many fan bases try to copy the Rider fans in this area. Where I look at a bad fan is one that goes to a game gets slobbering drunk is either carried out of the stadium or escorted out for getting carried away. And again this happens in every stadium. I remember at a game a rider fan was great at the start of the game by the third quarter the guy was so drunk he had no idea who the riders were playing, what city he was in after the game he was laying on floor passed out. Now this is the image that is lasting to most people that goes to games and thus the label of a bad fan but again like the post implies it is a small group that causes this problem for the riders. I have also seen BC fans drunk but they last the whole game with out causing problems so again it is not a lasting impression of what a BC fan is. Do I dislike Rider fans hell no they bring the game atmosphere up a notch and make is fun. It is that small group that should not be at game drunk out of their minds. The game is to watch and have fun the guy in that rider gear how was it fun that he missed two quarters of the game and be passed out left in the stands even by his friends? Again every team has them the black eye fan warrior that over indulges makes an ass of themselves and leaves a bad impression of their fan base. It is not that Rider fans are disliked it is the small group of morons that think they have to get land blasted drunk to have a good time that are disliked.

Rider fans have been congragating on their own forums for a decade. This is a BS excuse. CFL forums has never been Rider fans hangout.

So don't try to hang your shiat on the rest of us.

Do not like the discussion ! Do not take part!

My only issue with Rider Fan is how delusional he is.

Doesn't matter who the player is - - a 29yr old semi pro from Northern Ontario, or a 30yr old undersized no-talent scrub - - Rider Fan will insist the guy is a "good player" with lots of "potential".

The 2016 Riders are even worse than the 2015 Riders - - in terms of asinine coaching decisions, inexplicable penalties and a roster filled with useless players - - but Rider Fan insists the team is "coming together nicely" and just needs some time to "gel".

FFS, the organization is a complete dumpster fire led by an egomaniac who's clearly in way over his head - - but until Rider Fan deals with reality and stops settling for just having a pro team, Regina will continue with a 96% failure rate.

Rider fans have been congragating on their own forums for a decade. This is a BS excuse. CFL forums has never been Rider fans hangout.

So don't try to hang your shiat on the rest of us.
If there is a topic trashing Rider fans you can bet HfxTC will participate. Look it up.

You say we have a mob mentality. Are you serious? What would you call fans from other teams dumping on the Riders?

I think it's great that "Rider Fans "get all this attention.
I rest my case! :cowboy:

The absolute obsession with Rider fans on these forums is getting to be down right CREEPY. If I were a certain demographic in this society I would be absolutely terrified to be in the presence of some of these posters in real life.

Yeah it's a little over the top. That being said i have to admit many of our Ridernation brethren are totally embarassing themselves and us with their arrogant comments online during better times!

The absolute obsession with Rider fans on these forums is getting to be down right CREEPY. If I were a certain demographic in this society I would be absolutely terrified to be in the presence of some of these posters in real life.
Your comments are worry some ... please talk to your health care provider.

I have been here for years and have watched these forums go from great numbers to few posters.

I prefer the CFL forums to individual team forum sites. No one cares what individual posters do in their team sites and I'm sure you'll find lots of smack and some down right nasty posts. If the intent is to drive the CFL forums into the ground as a playground for a few posters then we are well on our way. Why have we not seen daily posts like ( fill in team name here ) fans suck and are losers? Maybe because the fans that act that way take it to their teams forums. I do not recall ever seeing rider fans posting the nonsense you see others doing and yet they keep saying rider fans have it coming ? This was an attempt to address the CFL fan forums and not team forums. If folks like daily threads of ( fill in team name ) are the worst ( fill in insult of the day ) .... then have at it.

Before you do that, make sure you complete your last will and testament and say goodbye to your loved ones...