Perfect Bye week

Perfect Bye week, All East teams lose, so TiCats lose no ground in the Division! :rockin:

They are still in last place and may remain there. All the teams seem to have improved. All close wins and loses.
except for the Cats. So I'm not feeling redeemed by the eastern team loses. :thdn: :thdn:

Yup , I totally gotta agree with ya :roll: I mean after-all with "only" a mere 17 games to go in the season and us still winless , realistically what chance have we got to catch up to the other three teams ahead of us in the powerhouse Eastern Division ? May I remind you that 8 wins last season took 1rst place in the East . I strongly suspect that the same amount of victories or maybe 1 or 2 more at most will probably be enough to do the trick again this season .

In all seriousness here , I find it laughable to hear you say "They are still in last place" and "may remain there" after all of one game being played by the team so far in this young season . It's also just as laughable to hear you say " All close wins and loses " except for the Cats after the other three East teams have played all of two games on the season so far . :lol:

Yup , might as well write the season off already seeing as we're buried in the basement with so little time left in the season to catch up in the standings . Let's face it here.........We're DOOMED !!! The season is OVER !!! We'll NEVER catch up !!! We're FINISHED !!! :cowboy:

I’m with you bobo.

For some folks the glass is always 3/4 empty at best. The team stinks, fire the coach (not just the head coach, they all suck), fire the GM, get rid of the owner, shut down the newspaper too.

Hell, while we’re at it, may as well fire the fans too. (I jest on that last one… sort of)

Between their first and second game, I would suggest that the argos regressed.

Well if you don't play man coverage with rookie dbs you give your d a chance. Lions d is no better then ours and they looked pretty good yesterday

I don't see anything wrong with a fan of a professional team, that charges for admission, expecting that team to show up on game day, ready to play, and ready to play at a high level.

Nor do I see anything wrong with a fan expecting a professional organization to keep that fan base informed and involved, regardless of a 'bye' week. It is called good-will and good public relations.

I don't see that as negativity, I see that as being interested and involved in the team.

I don't think the Argos are as good as everyone made them out to be after only one game.
The Ticats were bad last week and Ray and his receivers were good. But the Argos and Ray didn't look good at all last night. How many times was Ray sacked? he made a lot of hurried bad passes.
The Lions weren't good either and don't appear to be as good as last year, some desperate bad passes, I can see Lulay coming back as the starter.
The Als didn't look good last night either, Durant 150 yards passing??? with the receivers that they have that is pretty bad. I didn't think the Esks looked too good either, but enough to win.

I am willing to revisit my assessment of the team after the game next Saturday with the Riders. But I think
that I will be drowned out by everyone else who has jumped on my bandwagon. Let's all hope not. :cowboy:

Do you think the lads will practice a little bit before they head out west. :wink: :cowboy:

It all depends if they can squeeze it in between the yoga sessions . :cowboy:

The game isn't until Saturday night at 8PM (10PM est), so I assume they have all week to practice. It's only a 3 hour flight to Regina and a 2 hour time change. They can fly out Friday morning at 8 AM and be in Regina at 9 AM and on the field by 11AM to practice - :o they are going to be well rested and no excuses about travel days or time changes.
Should be a cake walk

Thing is, the lions were able to field their true starting secondary, and with them being able to rush only 4 or 5 of their front 7, the LBs and DBs were then able to provide more complete coverage and then sack Ray as often as they did.

With Kanneh, Davis and Butler out, Austin and his coaches could NOT do the same.

And for that difference we paid dearly.

They practice today

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"The Ticats, who were on a bye last week, returned to practice on Monday and face the Riders on July 8 in Regina."

Any chance The Spectator and/or 3DownNation might be interested in "a subscription" to forum? It's free!

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Their "news," tweeted and reported today, that Terrence Toliver has been put on the 6-Game Injured List, actually occurred 4 days ago and was first reported, in this thread, 2 days ago. Their other bit of TiCat "news," they've reported today, that Ethan Davis has joined the practice roster, actually occurred a full week ago and was first reported here 5 days ago in the "Burn the Witches" thread.

I can only say, I hope they are practising with earmuffs on, because Mosaic is going to be loud.

The Riders' Achilles heel is their D, and their kicker. That said, they can put up a lot of points, and they will be hungry for a win, considering that they have lost two close ones in a row.

If our offence pulls another disappearing act, we will get blown out Saturday night.