percival molsons expansion project?

is this a done deal now?, next CFL season, 2007, the stadium WILL HOLD 25,000?

or is there no set time frame yet and still not finalized?

Its a done deal but I dont think for 2007

It's a done deal? Since when?

There's a retarded law that says if 10 people living in the area want a referendum on the question, then there must be one.

And there's a grand total of 12 people who ask for such a referendum.

Get this, we have to go through a long and costly process because of 12 people.

It was announced and on the news about a month ago.... They have to make a few changes but the city gave the OK

Are you serious that there needs to be a referendum?

Here is the link that says the city gave the OK

[url=] ... LID=619362[/url]


This is in french but has some interesting drawings

[url=] ... EM_ID=1300[/url]

Yeah, I believe the city finally gave the OK, but the seats won't be in place next season. Hopefully in 2008.

dang..i was hoping it would be done for next season....

everything is getting postponed in this league...arg!...ottawa not comming back til '08, expansion project moved back to '08...still waiting for halifax CG announcment in late '07.

im sick of waiting..haha

altho, this article, ro, doesnt mention a delay...they always planned on starting this project this offseason, and i dont know what would prevent them from doin so, since they've worked out all public concerns.

Here. This article was published 13 days ago. I was wrong about the numbers. There were 40 people asking for the referendum. But still, the lenghty process could cost up to 100 000$.

The article is just in French. I wont translate it all, but the title gives you the big line:

Citizens stop the Alouettes at the goal line

[url=] ... ACTUALITES[/url]

jeez...theres always something causing problems.

I thought one of the initial citizen concerns was that the new giant scoreboard would block the view of the city from the mountain. I also thought the Als had agreed to scrap that part of the project.

they already have the scoreboard, and agreed to lower it so people outside the stadium cant see it thu the trees.