Percentage Breakdown of Tiger-Cat Problems

Here is the breakdown in terms of percent as to where I think the Tiger-Cats’ problems are:

Quarterback – 15%
Receivers – 12%
O-Line – 13%
Kicker - 1%
Running backs – 1%
D – Line – 13%
Linebackers – 2%
Secondary – 14%
Coaching – 5%
Management – 3%
Mental Focus – 21%

I feel the quarterback situation has definate problems. A rookie that panics and a vet that can't get it done.
The receivers are also lacklustre. Between dropped passes, poor routes and unispired play it’s not an easy fix.

The O-line has shown some spark but too many times they have looked like a 1960 Edsel.

Nick Setta missed a couple field goals that one game where it may have made a difference but other than that he has performed admirably. The same holds true for the running game. There have been a couple miscues but on the overall very strong.

Over on the defence, the D-line has been run over too many times to count and has been unable to pressure the quarterback with any consistency.

The linebackers have played fairly well all year. Moreno and Armour have been solid the other side has been a little weak.

The secondary has been torched on a number of games this year. They have to find the right cohesion between each player to have any sort of success.

Coaching has been okay but I think the assistants have had trouble adapting to the Canadian game.
Management has also been okay. They have been busy trying to bring in the best players they can. They have added to the scouting staff so the team is taking steps forward to be successful.

Mental Focus has been dismal this season with things like dropped passes and blown coverages but those cannot compare to the penalties taken. When you give up more than 100 yards in penalties in 7 of 8 games you are not going to win and the Tiger-Cats have proven that.

The Cats make that Mental Focus percentage drop and all the rest of the percentages will also drop. When that happens you will see a winning football team.

This is my take so far on the season. I surely hope the second half sees a marked improvement over the first.

On Offence
QB 50%
recievers 25 %
O line 25%
RBs 0 %

On defence
Line 50%
Linebacker 10%
DBs 40 %

Total blame

Coaching staff



Speccial teams

Argo convert I think you hit it closer. I blame the coaches the most the QB second overall.... The upside is Chang has only officially started for two quarters and we need to give him some breating room.
I think the coaches have to take a hard look at what they are doing here.

The O-line and secondary are the two biggest problems on this team. It doesn't matter what quarterback is taking the snaps if he can't get any protection. Opposition receivers run through the secondary like it was tissue paper. Fix those two problems and all the other ones will be minor.

Actually Chang had lots of time on a number of occasions and couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Maas had time too. The running game wasn't bad although it was grossly underused The Oline isn't the problem IMO

I have to agree again. I think the O-line gave Chang and Maas enough time for the most part. Either they couldn't hit their receivers or the receivers could not get open or they dropped. I don't know.... It's very frustrating watching other teams' receivers not only getting open but getting open by ten and 15 yards for the most part.... This isn't rocket science... these guys are all pros coan't they perform at some competent level that at least puts them in the clear 50 per cent of the time or something????
Man this is frustrating...