Perc Allen - Best TiCat Announcer Ever

I also agree about Norm Marshall. I am not aware of the Cats Claws policy but starting a recognition of the voices of the Cats with Norm Marshall and Perc Allen if it has not been done would be great if you asked me.

I thank Bob for being on this is there any chance of Rick Z. using Perc Allen as I suggested to do some play by play either preseason or the first home game. I still think that would be wonderful but I have no idea if is it possible for Mr. Allen but I sure would love to hear his voice one more time for a few minutes or a quarter whatever.

Not only was Perc a great football broadcaster but he was also a pretty good journalist.

Does anyone remember "Sound Off - with Perc Allen" on CHML.

Very candid comments on issues other than sports by Mr. Allen "back in the day".

The Caretaker wrote: " By the way, who besides me, thought this was one of Ken's best stories?"

I have been very critical of Peters' cliche -ridden columns many times.
But...after reading the Perc Allen story I was happy to send him an e mail thanking him for doing a great job and bringing back some great memories for me when I lived in Hamilton 46 years ago. Perc was big stuff on CHML back then.

Perc Allen is a classy guy and is bang on with his Hamilton comments, especially the poor Mayors who have run the city into the ground.

Ken Peters best article? Hah! Please correct me if I'm wrong but his comment on running back Ed Buchanan??? I think he's mistaken. Dave Buchanan was our running back in 1972. Ken Peters needs a proof reader and quick. He's no Bob Hanley.

Sorry to correct you Breeze, but Jeeper Creepers was right on with this one. Sure Dave Buchanan was our RB in 1972, but he replaced Ed Buchanan who was our RB in 1971. I for one have taken great delight *** in pointing out KP’s inaccuracies in the past, but here he was totally right.

Now if KP’s other articles could only be this good??? (Call me a dreamer, just remember to call me for dinner).

***(I usually try to avoid doing this with regular folks, but I feel a newspaper reporter has an extra duty to his or her reading public to be accurate with what is reported. After all they should be professional, as they are paid for their writing).

2 things - 1) Could someone provide a link to the article?

  1. Is it possible to get Perc's Email address, so that we can PERSONALLY thank him for all the good years announcing? I think it would be a special touch, and he most certainly deserves it.
    In my opinion, so long as old Perc was the announcer, the radios were blasting in the backyards. Once he quit, so did the listening...

From a previous Hamilton resident, from Dundern & Aberdeen (Hyde Park Ave., which was a stone's throw from Perc's home - I think he lives on Flat; correct me if I am wrong).

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