Perc Allen - Best TiCat Announcer Ever

I read with great interest in this morning's Spectator, a Ken Peters article regarding the current status of former TiCat announcer, Perc Allen who spent a couple of decades calling TiCat games for CHML and a very receptive audience.

Ken acknowledges that Perc may have been the best at his trade of play-by-play reporting on Ticat games, ever. I couldn't agree more as I have heard all of his predecessors and successors over the years and in my opinion, no one has ever replaced this man. He always managed to paint a virtual image of what was happening on the field of play that made me feel I was in the stadium. His accuracy was uncanny as was his knowledge of the game.

His voice, for those of you who have never had the unmitigated pleasure of hearing him call a game was not too unlike that of Rick Zamperin. If Zamperin has as little as half of Allen's talent, he'll do well.

Unfortunately, as Peters points out, Perc Allen today is a very sick man as he loses his battle with cancer
and the writing may be "on the wall" for his remaining life expectancy.

I think it would be a great gesture and behoove the Hamilton Tiger Cats to have a special award and recognition day for Perc Allen and his family sometime this season.

My final comment here would be to thank Ken Peters for his wonderful, enlightening article and for shedding light on an old timer that gave many of us football thrills we'll never forget in Hamilton.

it is odd Feeling Perc Allen is Also Dying From Cancer..
We All Ready lost Bill Last Year.

Slowly the great Voices of Hamilton are be Coming Silent.

It will be another Sad Day When this man Passes

I remember as a young child listening to 900 CHML and Mr. Allen describing the game particularly Argo/ Ticat games, long before I ever had the opportuniity to go to a game.

He made it seem incredible as he painted a picture in my mind of not only the game, but the stadium and the atmosphere.

Of all the great things that Mr. Young has done, I urge him to honour Mr. Allen perhaps by naming the broadcast booth after him or something like that.

A suggestion to our new play-by-play guy, Rick Z. Why not interview Mr. Allen for the first game of the season or at least the pre-season game.Or if as Ken Peters says in the article his voice is up to it why not let a dying man go out with tremendous dignity by helping you call the game or at least part of it. You would win a ton of people over by honouring the past as you start your new responsibilities.And considering he has not been able to go to Ivor Wynne it would be wonderful for him to get there for that experience. Just a suggestion.

Thank you Mr. Allen for delivering the Ticat radio experience to us with such incredible brillance for so many years.

This is a great suggestion!

I also rank Perc at the very top of the list for announcers of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. It is no small thing to say that people of my age were raised listening to a true master of play-by-play. Of all the broadcasting greats to me, Perc and Van Miller were the two best radio broadcasters for football, Curt Gowdy and Vin Scully for baseball, and Howard Cosell for...all things Cosell. :slight_smile:) :slight_smile:) :slight_smile:)

Perc: all my best to a living legend. Know that you've touched a lot of people with your talent and passion for the team these many years!

Oski Wee Wee,

You guys are too late, Ken Peters already suggested that to me. We (the Ticats) will see what we can do, although it is up to the City of Hamilton, and there may be some better way of acknowledging Mr Allen’s contribution.

By the way, who besides me, thought this was one of Ken’s best stories?

Best wishes to Perc.

cheers, Bob.

I also grew up listening to Perc Allen. His description of the game made us feel like we were in the stadium. Sometimes he would lose himself in the excitement and we were left wondering what the heck happened. He would then compose himself and let us know exactly what transpired. It was quite a combination, with the always excited Vince Mazza doing the colour commentating. Poor Vince sometimes couldn't get the words out fast enough. The one thing that would drive me nuts, was Perc would often forget to tell you where the ball was after a play. I remember once in 1968 after the 6:00 news on CHML .. just before Tom Cherrington.. Perc came on and gave a 15 minute essay on Joe Restic, and how his coaching philosphy was hurting the Tiger-Cats.(that his plays were too complex and all) That was the only time I had heard a play-by-play man criticize the head coach. Needless to say he was right, for Restic was soon gone, and replaced by the comical Al Dorrow. With Perc doing the play-by-play, you felt connected to the team and the action. Maybe a coincidence, but after Perc retired, interest in the team wained, until Bob came along. Thank you Perc for all wonderful memories of those Tiger-Cats of my childhood

Perc Allen Day in Hamilton. Key to the city. Halftime ceremony during an upcoming game to christen the press box after Perc Allen. Mayor gets to kiss some babies.

You're welcome. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

(Caretaker) By the way, who besides me, thought this was one of Ken's best stories?

Best wishes to Perc.

cheers, Bob.

This was definitely one of Ken's better stories, Bob. It would be nice to see more of these, particularly during the off season when there is so little football news.

I think one story per week on some of our lost legends would fill the bill and receive good readership.

A short time ago, there was a nice story here about Garney Henley. I'd like to see many more of these.

Many former Ticat greats may have passed on and the average fan, like myself, isn't even aware of it. Where are the Ralph Goldstons,
Gerry McDougals, John Barrows, etc.?

This is an area I've touched on in the past and I really feel the Hamilton media lets us down here.

I like that idea; a once-a-week "where are they now?" feature

It was one Ken of Better Storys
I agree..

I too grew up listening to Perc Allen on CHML. He is the best announcer the team has ever had. Mr. Allen, you are simply the best!

First, for me, Perc Allen WAS the Tiger-Cats for the first 20 years of my fandom. I got to go to a few games a year prior to 1971 and for the rest, I listended to Perc on a transistor radio. This was done under the covers, with an earphone, when he and Vince would broadcast the annual 2-3 game western swing (played over three or four days...I LOVED that schedule!). When I got my own season ticket after the stadium was expanded, I brought the radio, and Perc told me almost as much as my own eyes. All I can say is that, when I think of football announcers, I think of four of them: Perc Allen, Ray Scott (the VOICE of the Green Bay Packers), Keith Jackson (FFFUUUMMMMMBBBBLLLLE) and Lindsay Nelson (the Cotton Bowl and Notre Dame highlights on Sunday mornings) - and Perc was as good or better than them all. Thanks for ALL the memories, Perc.

I agree with recognition...I like naming the Press Box, or how about putting his name up on the Wall of Fame?

Finally, kudos to Ken Peters...EXCELLENT story...and for the record, I like his style, and the fact that he is very gracious in acknowledging the few errors he makes.

It's very sad to see such a legend suffer this way. For many, he has been like part of the family. I'll be keeping him and his family in my prayers.

I have to give full credit to Ken Peters on this one. It was a very well-written and classy piece of journalism.

[quote="Caretaker"]You guys are too late, Ken Peters already suggested that to me. We (the Ticats) will see what we can do, although it is up to the City of Hamilton, and there may be some better way of acknowledging Mr Allen's contribution.

By the way, who besides me, thought this was one of Ken's best stories?

Best wishes to Perc.

cheers, Bob.

Bob, I am trusting the Tiger Cats will do the right thing, however as you well know, please don't rely on the City of Hamilton. They will just hire another committee to investigate the probabilty of doing something etc etc etc.
I too was very impressed with Mr. Peters article. Life is too short any way you put it. We have one chance to make an impression, leave your mark.
Hamilton has been blessed with the rich sports history, the Tiger Cats have afforded us. It's time to start thanking those and let them know how much we appreciate them and their individual contribution.
So what ever it takes Bob, do right and don't wait for the City. I say put Perc up on the wall before there is no chance. He deserves it !!!!!

It was a very well written article.

Perc and I share each other's sentiments on Cookie Gilchrist!

Recognition is certainly due! Perc represents an attitude from a time when Ticat fever was a passion.

Perhaps this article will infuse a little more of that passion around the stadium!

All the best Perc. Nice job Ken :thup:

Another idea would be to honour Norm Marshall aswell who is another TiCat/sports broadcasting legend and very deserving in his own right.

That is a very good point, Zontar, and soon.

You truly do make a good point, Zontar. The only reason I didn't mention him at the top of this thread was because, to my knowledge, he is well and not encumbered by terminal cancer.

Norm Marshall is certainly deserving of recognition however, for his work in many areas of sport in and around Hamilton.

He too had a wonderful voice and great insight and like Perc Allen, he has always been a very strong "Hamilton" booster.

As a kid in my backyard listening to Perc Allen do the call on the Tiger-Cat games was the equivalant of listening to Danny Gallivan do NHL games in my each case, you could close your eyes and almost transport yourself right to the sidelines....

.....that takes a special, God-given talent that I'm sure can't be taught....

...try as they may, Perc set the bar almost to such an impossible height that it will be tough for people to surpass that standard....he's a special guy whose work will lurk in my childhood memories all my life...

thanks Perc! :thup:

Perc Allen had the ability to make a game exciting while at the same time talking about the players and their exploits as old friends. He involved the listeners with "their" team. That is the greatest attribute of a hometown announcer, to get the team to be "our team".
I think honouring Perc at one of this year's games is the least we can do to thank this man for all he has done for our Cats.
We'll never forget you Perc.