Per TSN 3 Down: Williams - what to do with him?

I thought it was interesting when at half time the TSN panel brought out the question of what to do with Williams if/when he returns. The options were:

  1. trade him
  2. play him
  3. sit him
  4. audible (something else)

I don’t know, do you think the Cats would welcome him back after all the controversy? I say sit him myself.

The team didn't walk out on Williams, he walked out on the team.

Trading him is a bad idea
Releasing him would just give him what he wants.
Playing him is also a bad idea, will he give 100%
SIT his ass....

I don't even know why they made that a topic. Focus on the players who are there IMO.

Chris Williams who?????????????????????????????? Don't care.

place him on the four man reserve.
Ellingson and Lamar are fine additions who are capable of filling the void left by Williams.

No question CW is a superb talent, although we need players who want to be here.

Easy choice, sit him for the season. Then wish him the best of luck with no recent film in the NFL. He did it to himself and he should reap the consequences of his choices. As I was at the game and didn't see the feature, what was there choice?

It varied, Stiegal said play him, it is only a contract dispute over $$, I think the other two said trade him as he will be a disruption, but not sure on that.

I find it funny that so many CFL players have a good season and then think they are going to make millions in the NFL which is football, but a totally different game. With a narrower field it is much easier to catch a speedy player than in the CFL. How many times the commentators said "player X is back from a two year try with the NFL where he didn't make it" in the first four games was uncountable.

Thanks tabbyfan. Also you make a very good point about the NFL and CFL players. Although Thiggy's done well, however he went about it the right way.

If he comes back willing to play, and he's in shape, put him on the reserve until he knows the playbook, and then play him. If he comes back but isn't willing to play to his ability, suspend him until he is. If he isn't in shape, suspend him until he is.

As Stegall says, it's just about money. It shouldn't be personal. They'd need to either play him or cut him. Putting him on the reserve the whole year would make it personal, given that he is good enough to be a starter. And what would that say about Austin?

Seeing how it is a "money issue" was he not offered more money to be one of the highest paid non-quaterbacks in the CFL in exchange for another year? He hasnt signed anything new and has refused to be in contact with the team that gave him a shot to play football. i say if/when he decided to come back sit him out for the year.

He's not here so whatever, wish all the best for him on a humanity level but in terms of him being in a Cat uniform to help us win the 101st Grey Cup, don't care, only care about the players that are here to play. Sure, he's news but it's now getting old news to me, already saying "Chris who"?

He will have to get by Kent Austin before he hit's the field ... good luck with that.

Yes he was, but under the condition that he would play an extra year for us. So over those two years, he'd make around $300K. Given that he's hoping to make over $400K in that second year alone, yes, it's about money.

Yes, about money and that does not make him a bad person, that's why I say all the best to him. But whatever the reason if he's not in a uniform and playing, he doesn't help us win the GC so from that perspective, it's "Chris who?" He's not that special, there will be others as good or nearly as good I say.

were not gonna have no future looking at the past here people so stop talking about him who cares what tsn or the kings thinks or says about him lets go forward

:thup: thanks for clarifying

About money?????
Actually I think it's more about ego and selfishness than money! Not a team guy at all.
He was offered a lot of money and hasn't had the decency to give the Cats a straight-up answer. SIT HIS ASS FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON if he returns or if he doesn't, I think he would still owe the Ti-Cats a year so let him sit again next year. Take him to court if need be. Repeat as needed!

Yes, money. Williams wants to get paid more than he is now and wants a shot at an NFL payday. Anyone who faults him for that is thinking selfishly.

If he doesn't report, he does not owe the team another year. Whether he plays this year or not, his contract is up on February 15th. This has been covered previously by pretty much everyone who writes about the CFL and Ti-Cats. He's gone no matter what next February.

He is currently on the suspended list and will stay there until one of reporting, released, retires or traded or the term of his contract expires. There is nothing to take him to court over, at least not with respect to his contract, as it has already been upheld and the allowable measures invoked by the team in accordance with the CFLPA collective agreement.

As Kent Austin stated during training camp, let's focus on those who are here and are putting it on the line for the success of this team, rather then someone who CHOSE NOT to be part of it.

So far, we have the offensive talent to carry the load. I was confident all along that the scouting staff would find a player who could match the required skill set. As such, I'm not concerned with what Chris Williams does or doesn't do.

Good luck to him trying to compete against the many who will be will be capable of doing or bettering what he's shown at the NFL mini camps.