Peppers wants out of North Carolina......

Apparantly Julius Peppers, after spending his entire life in North Carolina, wants out. He recently said he will not sign a long-term deal when he becomes a UFA on Feb 26. Peppers who grew up in Bailey, N.C., starred in college at North Carolina and was the Panthers 1st round pick in 2002 doesn't like Carolina's defensive system and has decided to move on. 8)

He should sign with the Eagles!

The Packers are "rumored" (Canadian translation: "rumoured") to be interested, but I'd be just about willing to bet my next paycheck that GM Ted Thompson will not make a very healthy effort...

i think the eagles should be focusing more on getting a go-to reciever rather than improving what was the 3rd best defence in the league.

1st and 3rd to Arizona for Boldin.

If arizona ever trades Boldin or for the love of god Fitzgerald....i'll go down and blow up there stadium. Maybe an exageration but still i don't care what you offer....not gonna unload either of them

boldin said earlier this season that he wanted out of arizona, and the cards do have Steve Breaston (1000 yard reciever) who filled in very well when boldin was out. and you could alot for boldin,

I agree, and the card's could use someone of Peppers talents...but have the reason Fitzgerald is so dominate is because the defense have to respect Boldin on the other side. You take away Boldin they can double cover LF and you've just pretty much killed the Cards offense because they have NO run game whatso ever.

I think Boldin's contract is up, and he wants out! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully after the Card's win the superbowl he'll reconsider, and hopefully someone in the organization has enough common sense to slap a franchise tag on him.

He has 3 years left I believe.

They Franny Peppers... He stay in Caroline as long they want him

The Franny tag give the Owners all they power they need

Except that it would cost them about $17,000,000 for one year.