We need to have a Pep Rally for Thursday night
at the Stadium...

Anyway we could get this Done..
Get Boys Ready For D-Macs Return...

There is a pep rally Thursday night on Concession Street. This event runs from 7-9pm and should be a lot of fun. Hope to see you there!

Thanks Will be there ..

We need to Get Behind the Guys and get that 1st win..

where on concession ?

where did you get this from? I hope its true and can you give some more info about it

It's very true !! I live in the area.
Go to the Royal Bank parking lot.

I'll check the flyer i got in the mail and give more details tomorrow.

thanks section31. this is great news, do u know if it is being put on by the cats tho. and if not who is organizing it

If memory serves, these rallys are run by the Concession Street Business Owners Association......or a name to that effect...

If it is the Royal Bank parking lot, I think that is in the vicinity of Upper Wentworth/Concession (somewhere around there anyhow)

Man, I used to be so sure of things years ago..........but now?. :roll: :wink:

I hope this is true. I live right around the corner. My kids would love it

We might even be able to recruit some guys that want to put out and play football.