What about a Pep Rally for the Guys IWS saterday ..

Let the Guys know where Behind Them ..

That would be great.

JareCanada would love that!.....methinks he'd decide to pitch a tent at Scott Park after the rally and start the tailgate party a tad early :wink:

Pep Rally???

What is this,1956?

How 'bout we get the glee club to serenade the team before the game?

:lol: :roll: :lol:

Can you imagine the headlines if less than 100 showed up. Yikes. Not a good idea in such a large venue.

Thats a good show, i always forget to watch it but when i do its quality.

I would sooner save the pep rally for the day before they leave to go to Calgary! 8)

Let's just sell out the joint on Sunday.

I don't think it should be at IWS, I think it should be held downtown after the Santa Claus parade.

Now THAT's funny