Pep Rally at CHML / Y108 parking lot Friday morning

CHML/Y108 hosting Ticats playoff rally
Rick Zamperin

AM900 CHML and Y108 are hosting a Ticats playoff rally breakfast and ticket giveaway tomorrow morning.
From 7am until 9am, we'll be broadcasting live from the parking lot at 875 Main Street West.
We're going to give away 1-hundred Ticats tickets to the most dedicated fans who come over in their Tiger-Cats gear.
We'll have players, cheerleaders, special guests, breakfast, coffee and a whole lot of fun.
The Ticats host the Lions in the East semifinal, this Sunday at 1 o'clock, on Y108 and CHML.

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Don't need the tickets but I'll try to get there anyway. If I win tickets Big Brothers gets a call

Cool, but it's very unlikely I can make it to that since my kids start school at 8:45am. Kinda sucks.

I wish I could be there! Along with the Tiger Cat practice at 11am. Sucks living away for school, but I'll be there on Sunday when it counts!!! :thup:

Hopefully they will be selling tickets at this as well.

Don't know about that but it should be noted that these 100 tickets at the Rally were bought and paid for by CHML/Y108 and are not promo tickets handed to the radio station, according to Mark Bowden.

So, that's cool!

Seems like a bad time to hold a pep rally.

Not will be broadcast all morning long on the morning drive show so it will get listeners jacked up for the game......which is the goal.

I imagine CHML/Y108 is already planning some bigger and better stuff in the event we make it to the Final in Montreal

Hope you win AKT! Very nice gesture.

It's a bad time for If it's because the players are so busy at practice all the other times so they can win, I'm ok with it.

And get them to buy tickets!

What a fantastic morning rally !......great turnout, lots of horn honking from passing traffic, BBQ breakfast, cheerleaders, PigskinPete, some Tiger-Cat office staff including Tracy Anderson (tickets), MarkBowden, Scott Mitchell and others
...and of course the morning crews from CHML and Y108 doing their respective shows from the parking lot

And the 100 tickets for the lucky winners bought and paid for by CHML?......$ 50.00 a piece!!......

Thanks for a great event CHML !

PS......even passing city work crews in their trucks and passing buses honked their horns....

Its a wonder their not having the Pep Rally in Burlington. :x :oops: