People would've died...

Can you imagine playing on a day like this??!! :o

In Montreal, with the humidity, it's 45 celsius. :twisted:

God bless global warwing... :cowboy:


Its 27 degrees in Saskatchewan(where im at anyway)and slight rain showers.

36 In Toronto, Not Sure What It Is With The Humidex But That's Way To Hot To Be Playing Football. I Had To Make A/C Stops On The Way To The Pool At The Bottom Of My Street. However Its Suppose To Cool Down On Thursday Just In Time For The Games This Weekend.

23 in Prince Albert today, and I still managed a sunburn.....

sounds like another summer day in Kamloops...

lilly-white skin eh?? :lol:

lol - you know it! Your phrasing is much nicer than my usual "pasty white".....

They had an article in the Gazette today about the Al's training under that temperature:

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Yup, super hot here in Hamilton humidex in the mid 40's. And our air conditioning doesn't work but we do have a pool so this is nice but even without the solar blanket on, the temp of the pool is climbing, now at 87F.

In Toronto it was 48 with the humidex yesterday.

Exactly...I was thinking the same thing as I sit out on the patio deck!....Pass the martini please!

"sounds like another summer day in Kamloops"

You West coasters don't even know what humidity is.

32 degrees celius but with the humidity it's like 45.

West coast heat is dry heat.

Als, you have to speak in grade 8 language for them to understand, all that Pacific fresh air gets to their brain cells and destroys the DNA, it's very well documented in the scientific literature but not widely reported in the popular press.


over 100F in Atlanta, even more in central Georgia!

Gotta love the heat!

514MTL, I played yesterday when it was 47° C... I played golf ! Six hours outside in that heat, and I was on a course that did not provide drinking water. Gladly, I had some, but still...

When I got to the 18th tee off, I was feeling dizzy. I completed the course only because it was the 18th.

Third, don't you know you're supposed to drink large amounts of alcohol whilst it's that hot? How else are you going to get sunstroke and pass out on the couch downstairs prior to the banquet.... or is that just the way I do it?

Holly crap! That's hot, is it really refreshing ?

Yes, too hot for my liking, I'm used to the lakes where it is much colder. But the wife likes it around 84-85. Myself, I'll take it 78-82, that's about perfect for me. Even after swimming, before I go to bed I still need to take a cold shower so I don't sweat trying to get to sleep.