People who don't like the CFL also don't like the Grey Cup?

Just wondering, we've all heard those who say they don't "like" the CFL blah, blah, blah. But do those same Canadians sort of "get" the Grey Cup and understand it's the national football championship of Canada in their country going back to 1909 with roots back in the 1800's, it just happens to be controlled by a league called the Canadian Football League. Therefore, I say, if you find the Grey Cup neat, then by default you kinda need to follow the league that controls it and get into it a bit out of pure logic.

I just find people out there don't get the connection between the two, they tend to want to isolate the CFL from the Grey Cup until it's Grey Cup time and then say, oh, it's the Grey Cup, who's playing? Duh, baffles my mind really.

Agree with you, it's also the old "well we can tolerate watching for the one game"?

True enough argotom! Very weird, I find these people very boring to be honest. Thick heads. They might have a much higher IQ than me but thick in the sense they are boring.

i happen to be in Toronto today for business and when i asked people what they are doing for the grey cup they looked at me like there was someone wrong with me. But these morons would rather watch the buffalo bills who suck. What a American wannabe city

They don't wanna watch the Bills in Toronto that badly. I was snooping around ticketbastard a couple days ago and for a lark, I took a look at what was available for the Bills-Jets game. To my surprise, I pulled pairs out in every level of the stadium. If you wanted lowers (100 level), they were down to end zone seats, but there were good second deck seats (200 level), and I could get first row uppers (400 level) on the 40 yard line. Even with their re-pricing.

This can't bode well for the organizers. Maybe next I'll find a pair of tix glued into a case of Bud.

i asked people what they are doing for the grey cup they looked at me like there was someone wrong with me.

And that London is what is wrong with Canada as a whole, you wouldn't find that in the US where tradition is valued far more than here as a general rule. Fortunately I'm not one of these people, I know our history and value our traditions like so many here do. But a lot of Canadians actually just wish they were not Canadians and don't respect their own country and history. I just don't hang around these sorts.

To be fair, the Argos the last few years haven't helped and to watch people in other smaller centres in Canada go nuts over our CFL, must drive them crazy in big city Toronto or else, the easy way is to just turn their nose up and say "Grey Cup" what's that? Has to bug the pee out of them. (Not the great CFL fans in Toronto, the others I'm speaking of) What people need to learn is that it's not about the CFL, it's about the Grey Cup championship, that's the most important thing, but it's only the CFL teams that have the right to vie for the trophy and championship. We know that but others don't get this.

I've made it a point I won't even watch on TV the Bills games anymore that are played in Toronto. In Buffalo or any American city, no problem, but not in Phil Linds house, no thanks.

Agree 100%.
Here is another example, last week I drove along the Lakeshore in the east end and unbelievably saw large rectangular banners on both sides of the road affixed to the light posts for a good stretch, you guessed it for the Buffalo Bills Dec.3 game?
Every year and certainly no one is making light of it , but on Super Bowl night Toronto Police has a special RIDE stop check for potential impaired drivers.

How many millions has Rogers put into this Bills thing now, they have to do whatever they have to to make their money back if that's possible, I understand that but I couldn't care less to be honest how much they lose. Rogers is only a corporation that can afford to lose gadzillion of dollars since they make gadzillion of dollars from Canadians hard earned money to begin with, but then go out and do this Bills thing. Whatever Rogers, do your thing, not with me aboard thank-you muchly.

Yes best guess estimates being $5M-$10M+ per game.
It's good on that crooked company?

And you know what argotom, to make loses back from this series they’ll just screw their Canadian cell phone, cable etc. customers who don’t give a rats arse about the Bills or the NFL. That’s sad.

You are right Earl, it will be passed on to their customers.
Thankfully, years ago I got rid of this company divesting cell phones, cable and really anything to do with Rogers.

To be honest, I don't know if I'm right or not but just thinking that if the loses are in the millions, they aren't going to be taking this out of the petty cash bucket.