People walking up and down the aisles during plays

I have an end of the isle seat in section 46, and people are constantly moving up and down the stairs during the game play. You can't see what is going on, on the field around them. The BC Place staff are letting people down when the 20 second clock is running. This is wouldn't see this at a hockey game or during a theatre performance. I know people need to get up for food/drink and bathroom, but at the minimum DON'T let people walk into the stadium seating area while the 20 second clock is running or the play is going. Honestly I thought a fight was going to break out last game because of this issue.

I will be complaining to the necessary people on this, but wanted to express my opinion here. Does anyone else feel the same way?

I totally agree. I am in Section 38 and have seen some of the staff ask people not to go down the isle but not all the time. I personally do not walk down the isle if a play is going on or if the 20 second clock starts before I get to my row, I sit in the isle until the play is over.

BC Place has the worst ushers and security. I've been to games at McMahon and Commonwealth and you don't get the crap that goes on here.

Two years ago, there were two drunk jerks in front of us using the "F" word every second word. With an 8 year old grand kids around, I asked them to tone it down. They responded with even worse language. When I approached an usher, his reply was..."What do you want me to do about it?" I replied..."How about your job!".

I agree, I have an isle seat in sec 13 and people are constantly asking me to stand up so they can go back to their seat as the play is begining. I always tell them to wait untill the play is over so they don’t block my view or any one else sitting around me. Usually people realize their mistake and wait patiently.

well its not the ushers fault. in Edmonton alot of people just be considerate and sit on the stairs during the play and when the whistle goes then they go…the ushers should tell people tht

Yeah, but I found in Calgary and Edmonton a few things are better. When idiots run onto the field, fans in both of those cities say the Ushers and police take them down quite quickly. Two years ago at BC Place the idiots on the field would run around until they got tired. Security never broke a sweat. Thank goodness the clowns haven't taken to the field the last few games I've been at.

But RNR you are right. When I was in Calgary and Edmonton, I never encountered any problems that Drewman and Dan have pointed out.

i dunno why BC would be diffrent???

I crouch down in the aisle as well if the play is about to start. It's simple consideration for others, IMO.