People Refuse Free Tickets !!!!

8) I heard that on CHML late this afternoon, they offered free tickets to Saturdays game to 2 different contest winners.
 Believe it or not, both of the winners turned down the free tickets  !!        <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: --> 

 I guess it is a true sign of the times regarding this teams play  !!          <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

It's possible they just don't like football! It's possible! :wink:

Hell, I just bought 2 in box F in spite of the fact that I have 4 already.

"Behind every adversity is the same or equal benefit!" At least row 2 was available! :thup:

These fans are coming from Orangeville...lets hope for decent weather and a decent game!

I think NOW...MORE THAN EVER...we need to be supporting OUR TEAM! :smiley:

8) Hey Woody, maybe those 2 tix you just bought in Box F, were the freebies that were turned down on CHML !!!! :wink:
 By the way, the weather for Sat looks good, high of 14C and clear.  I imagine it will get pretty cool after 4 pm though  !!
:D Figgers I had Problem Giving my Extra Seats away to the last Home Game

I had call 20 People.

Like the old, old joke

First Prize: Two Tickets to the Tiger Cat Game

Second Prize: Four Tickets to the Tiger Cat Game :wink: