People on the Michael Bishop bandwagon too soon?

He comes off the bench in two playoff games and they win. What had he ever accomplished before that? And, it’s easier to come on in relief and play well.
Even Jason Maas can do that. A lot of Ticat fans seemed to be thinking Maas would be the best quarterback ever. And he had actually been a starter before, and we know how he turned out this year!

It just seems like a lot of people are posting here that Michael Bishop could tear up the league for his efforts in relief in two games.

I just don’t think there’s enough evidence that he can be a strong quarterback from that. I admit he is much better than Ted White though.

Ticat fans had reason to expect lots from Jason Maas. He had passed for over 5000 yards and was one of the top 2 or 3 qbs in '04.

Bishop... hasn't done all that much besides his playoff comeback win vs. the bombers. Even if the Argos started with him as the starter, it wouldn't surprise me if they end up switching to a different qb at some point in the season.

Michael Bishop, true to form, has opted
to again play in the Arena League,

which has an extended season this year,
thereby removing himself from contention
as Argo's starting QB at Training Camp

He is either happy as the Argo back up QB
or he expects to pull off his Mighty Mouse
'"Here I come to save the day!" routine again.

This has happened before. We all know it only really takes 1 or 2 wins at the most to land in the Grey Cup. When your starter has an off-day on the most crucial game of the year and your backup shows promise in such a critical situation... fans get excited.

To be successful consistently through a season is another story.

Everyone remember a certain Marcus Brady?

As far as Maas is concerned , he had a bad year in Hamilton but he did pretty good for the EE when he was a starter for a full season. Last season he was no good , but how much of that is from the fact he played for a lousy team ? If he was plugged into a better team like , say BC , would he still suck as bad or would he suddenly regain his form? Many a bad team has made a good QB look bad , like when Damon Allen played for some bad teams he looked pretty bad too . Remember his time in Ottawa or Memphis?

Oh my goodness I used that bad "S" word again. :roll:

i suspect bishop knew he isn't good enough to win the argo starter job, and thats why he went to the arena league.

he knows he was just lucky in the playoffs.

and whats with his voice?..he talks like the godfather.

DG I think you are wrong about Bishop, I have been a fan favourite of his for years. Being 30 years old and after the strong showing at the end of the season there is no doubt in my mind he is ready to take over the number one job.
He has said if the team pays him close to what other first string QB's are making in the league he will not go back to the AFL.
To me this is a no brainer.

you'd pay bishop $350K after making a couple passes in the playoffs, when the other teams weren't preparing for him?

i'd tell him, come to camp, earn the starting spot, and if u last 5 games starting, we'll give u a raise....which is what the argos did tell him, and he bailed for the AFL.

No not $350,000 per year, but close to let's say $200,000 what I believe Winnipeg paid Kevin Glenn.
Don't forget, Damon was paid $250,000 per year for the last few years by the Argos.

Bishop is worth about $90k, a nice raise from the $80k he currently receives (or about $4500 per game when he is on the active roster.)

When you look at the range of salaries for our first stringers it is Glenn at $200,000 to Dickenson and Ray at $450,000 per year.
I would take Bishop over Glenn any day of the week.

I'd take Glenn over Bishop. At least Glenn has proven that he can play fairly decent as a starter throughout the season. Bishop has only seen mostly back up time, and I'd have to question how he'd play full time as a starter. But then again, he could prove me wrong.

When you add up his paycheques from both leagues he is probably better off this way, until he gets Damons salary.

i'd take glenn over bishop.
i'd take any current starter over bishop with exception to MAYBE maas.

i would take all the starters as well as crandell,butler,pierce,jesseplamer and marucs brady over bishop

You guys are too harsh on Bishop. I think he will prove some of you all wrong as he takes my Argos and wins the Grey Cup.
The World Champions in 07.

we may be too harsh, but u sound like u have a man-crush on

lol, I think.

Bishop's been our starter before and with terrible results. A full season is quite different than coming off the bench. Some guys are just great at doing just exactly that, especially when they contrast the starter. I like Bishop in his role as the best backup in the league, but can't live with him as our starter, AGAIN. He's the same guy. The "Mike Tyson" of football. A canon (knockout) arm but limited fundementals and brains. Hey, he even sounds like him.