People leaving early

I don't get why people wouldn't want to savour a win like this right to the end, but did anyone else think it was refreshing to see people walking out with time still on the clock for a POSITIVE reason? :smiley:

Don't know where you were sitting. But approximately 95% stayed put but were standing, even after the final whistle in the upper East/North stands. The crew in front of me left their seats because they wanted to be closer to the field. Besides, how often could can we beat the foot/car traffic on the assumption we've won with over 2 mins left? The great thing about IWS is that the celebratoin continues throught the streets. We don't just hit a highway or hit industrial/urban hinterlands within minutes. We get to walk throught the heart and soul of Hamilton with horns blaring and proud and gloating people on their porches checking out their fellow Hamiltonians upon victory.

There is a big difference when we win, most people want to stay and cheer the team off the field. :thup: :rockin: