Penthouse to outhouse?

Thu, March 6, 2008

Penthouse to outhouse?
UPDATED: 2008-03-06 02:07:06 MST

Joseph move foul smelling to Rider fans


Back up the manure truck.

Eric Tillman may just have earned himself a special delivery.

History has shown that every 20 years or so, the Saskatchewan Roughriders buck all trends to carry Lord Earl Grey's tinny treasure back to the prairies.

And just as quickly as the stars seem to align for such rare and raucous celebrations, they always seem to scatter into a million pieces, ensuring such success is short lived.

If nothing else, it appears Tillman is a traditionalist.

Three months after his franchise ended almost two decades of drought to win its third Grey Cup, the heart of the franchise was ripped out of the club by the Riders GM, who shipped quarterback Kerry Joseph to Toronto yesterday.

Sources say the deal will see the league's Most Outstanding Player shipped east for two nobodies and two draft picks, although specifics will be detailed at a press conference this morning.

Regardless of the returns, it's tough to believe anyone could get full value for the player chiefly responsible for last year's championship march.

In less time than it takes Rider Nation to get over its Grey Cup hangover, the Roughriders' chances of repeating have been obliterated like a gopher in a threshing machine.

Whatever that means.

First, coach Kent Austin puts his induction into the Saskatchewan Hall of Fame on hold by returning to his alma mater at Ole Miss. Then, following several other cost-cutting moves, Joseph, 34, is moved.

And just like that, the Roughriders fortunes now rest on the shoulders of 33-year-old retread Marcus Crandell.

"I wanna know the last time anybody traded the reigning MVP?" asked stumped Stamps quarterback Dave Dickenson, echoing the shocked reaction league-wide.

"I don't get it."

The move is widely believed to be based on salary, which Dickenson questions given how much salary Tillman cleared earlier this winter. Joseph was to be paid $250,000, but apparently wanted closer to $400,000.

[b]"You tell me where they're spending their money, unless they were ridiculously over, like it is reported," said Dickenson, who could've prevented yesterday's deal had he not recently turned down a $250,000 offer to be the Argos starting pivot.

"I'm just shocked Kerry doesn't fit into their plans." [/b]

A great leader, a solid quarterback who can run and throw, a class act ... a winner. What more could you ask of a player?

Make no mistake -- Austin was the brains behind Joseph and no one is silly enough to suggest Joseph is, or was, the best quarterback in the league -- that honour belonged to either Henry Burris or Kevin Glenn last year. However, he was the backbone of the team in a passing league where wins and losses are decided by the quarterbacks.

Tillman is smart enough to know that and likely felt he had no other option but to make a move that has Roughrider chat rooms filled with fury and anger over the most puzzling move the league's seen in years.

Adding to the silliness of it all, the Argos are also expected to announce today they've extended the contract of QB Michael Bishop and picked up the option on Damon Allen's deal.

How about this as a theory: Given the fact Kevin Glenn is apparently $75,000 apart in negotiations with Winnipeg, perhaps this move sets up a deal sending Glenn to Saskatchewan. Then Bishop moves from Toronto to Winnipeg. Yeah right.

Knowing how passionate his neighbours are, Tillman will undoubtedly sleep with one eye open for the next little while. If he must leave the house, he'd be wise to hit Home Depot to grab himself a shovel.

After all, it could take quite a while to dig himself out of this one.

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Great post, could you do me a favour and clarify where your own comment begin and the article ends? I'm just curious, not trying to insult at all.

i don't think Tillman is the genius we thought he was. first he's over the cap by miles, and now this.

I can clarify that for you.
As there are few if any typos , spelling mistakes or massive grammatical errors, ie., the post is coherent, NONE of it is 05's own comments.

That and the fact that if you click the link provided, you can see that for yourself....

Actually, from having read many of Eric Francis' articles, this one was relatively well written. I would have to think that Eric got his Mom to write the article for him.

It is a stretch though to suggest that Henry Burris was or is close to being the best QB in the CFL. Better talk to Mom about that one Eric.

...Francis is s.ucking up to PR Director Mike Petrie and the stamps for starting last year's fiasco on the Higgins release....he's looking for his locker room pass for this year....

What the heck is this?????

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That is redwhite2005 not editing the posts he makes for erroneous stuff

I read up to that point and then realized the article would be more poorly written and thought out than a 1st grader still trying to figure out how to spell his own name. at top of page suggesting Bishop to Wpg.....that's a laugher...we actually like thinking qbs. in the Peg...I would take him as a back-up...but a starter???? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Pappa that picture of KJ on the home page news looks like a guy that just won a lottery. This may force Tamans hand a bit with Glenn.

Kind of an ignorant article.

I know that Rider Nation is NOT as angry at Joseph as the writer of that article thinks.

Remember this is the same guy that broke the story of Higgns being replaced by Huffer.

Take things with a grain of salt, Eric Francis road Mommas apron strings into journalism and has yet to write with any level of credibility. RW2005 has much more insight on the CFL than Francis does or ever will.

The Stampeders may have a better team this year, but I think their coverage in the papers is going to suffer with the loss of Petrie.

Francis flip flops any way he can to get a story.

sort of like dust in the wind, eh :stuck_out_tongue:

Your right dust but I think it will be better having a media person in place for the Stamps so screw ups like last year does not happen again. The Hearald does have some one to replace Petrie but Mike is pretty dam good. Francis was a clown last year and he is showing he is still under the big top.

The Stampeders were smart to bring Petrie on board, his insider blog dealy with the all the videos were excellent.