First of all I am never one to "blame the refs" or start a referee conspiracy but can one team really consistently take over 10 pentalties and 100 yards more infractions than other teams. Yes, the Cats have taken some very bad no yard pentalties (but there have been many close calls where they have been withing 4.9 yards of a play).
And yes, there have been many unsportsmanlike conduct calls and roughing calls but it does take two to tangle.
And they have received there share of "no calls" that have been game breakers (last week pass interference against the Lions and last night on Winnipegs go ahead touchdown when the receiver "slightly" pushed off the defender - TSN guys called it a veteran move -I call it interference).
So it comes down to we lack that much discipline and players/coaches are yapping to referees so much that the refs attention is focused on the Black and Gold?????
Discipline has been a theme for over two years for this team....with different players, coaches management. I do not get can call out Maas, Ralph, coaches, the announcer and so forth but until the pentalties begin to even out somehow we will continue to get the same results.
What is the answer.....

the answer is to shut up and play the game with discipline. The refs are not the problem, the players are.

I agree with tydoggz. If anyone has Friday's game recorded, take a look at 3:20 of the 3rd quarter. Both TSN guys call late hit on the QB and the ref flags Gagne-Marcoux for a facemask. I have watched this one over and over and cannot see how the ref could miss Maas getting flattened by Tom Canada after he releases the ball.

I remember that. They showed the replay twice and I never saw the facemask. Unless the ref got the number wrong.

I have it on tape and watched it about 8 times you can see both of Gagne-Marcoux's hands for most of the time and I can't see any facemask. I can't find any facemask of any kind on this play. But I can clearly see the late hit on Maas and the ref had a pretty good look at it too. Hmmmmm makes you wonder.

Sorry guys but Gagne-Marcoux's hands are not both visible until the latter part of the play.
On the initial contact and the following three steps by Haywood, Gagne-Marcoux's right hand is on Haywoods back but his left is out of the cameras sight and definately in the facemask area. Watch for Haywoods head snapping back as he passes.
I believe it was a good call and Gagne-Marcoux got busted. As for the late man's airborn at the time of release and one gets pushed (by Gagne-Marcoux).

I'd generally defend our guys but intenional or just a slipped finger it looks to me like he hooked his mask.

It makes no sense at all to continually cry about a game that is history. Everybody complains about the officals no matter which team they cheer for, however
all in all they do a decent job. Stupid penalties have been shadowing Hamilton for the past couple of years and are the product of trying too hard. I suppose that many do not agree with me but what the heck everyone is entitled to their opinion.

As a fan since 1970, I have never been in the habit of complaining about the officiating, in any game there will be poor calls made against both teams. However, the point I am making is that I feel because of the criticism the refs are looking for all the opportunities they can find. If you listen to the commentary on the play in question, Cuthbert says "flags fly is that a late hit on the QB"? Suitor replies "Sure looks like it". The ref then steps up and indicates facemaking. My point is that comments in the press could be making it harder to win games than it needs to be. This does not in any way excuse the mental mistakes of the players, they need to play more disciplined football.