Pensive Rey Williams leads Tiger-Cats by example

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Williams, in his fifth CFL season after spending six seasons in the NFL with five teams, admits fitting together a new coaching staff, a young lineup and constant changes is a challenge, but he said it is also a tired excuse. He knows Hamilton’s run defence was porous against Calgary on Aug. 9, then too neglectful late against Winnipeg and Montreal.

“That is why they pay us,? Williams said of himself and the other veterans: linebacker Jamall Johnson, centre Marwan Hage, quarterback Henry Burris and receiver Dave Stala.

“We have to bring guys along, We can’t let them think, ‘Here we go again,’ when the third quarter, fourth quarter comes. We have to expect to make plays, instead of expecting something bad to happen.?

The best remedy, Williams said, is a personalized approach. He acts like helicopter parent around rookie non-import defence back Matt Bucknor, assuring the 27-year-old is paying attention during film study and mindful between plays.

“With Buck, every play I’m looking at him, I’m reminding him to talk just so he is locked in,? Williams said. “I keep reminding him, ‘Buck, don’t worry about it, if the coach is jumping on you, don’t worry about it. We’re out there in left field together.’ As long as he feels prepared, as long as he has more confidence.?

Sometimes leadership comes from example.