Pencil necked Calvillo

This guy has won 1 Grey Cup and has been part of 14 losing seasons. He's had an amazing D around him... for what the last 10 years?.... and guys like Pringle, Cahoon, etc... on O. He still can't get it done more than once? He should have eaten a few more steaks and layed off the fibre diet this season. He had a great O-line this year thus their record, but Sask also had the best rushers. Time to change up the game plan for Anthony. Oops, he's a one-trick pony. Anyway, I predicted a Sask win and at half-time it looks like that's the way it will go.

He's always tight in the big game, he's not reading the defence well and off target on half his throws, a typical Toni Grey Cup perfomrance lol

you know what's funny , he still has accomplished WAY more than you ever will professionally..

What name shall we call you?

Accurate assessor?

Well, since you put it that way Swami. I'm sorry Calvillo is a pencil necked QB that can't win the big one. Although I see now why we released him.....we've won as many Cups as he has. Of course that's just me.

Jim Kelly all over again Chokes every big Game

Can't Belive The Roughriders Lost unreal..

who's choking now?

An offside gives the Calvillo the cup. Oh my, what a shame! Corner Gas rerun time. Oatmeal has fibre in it, right? Going to add some blueberries for flavour.

If we would have had a decent team when we had Calvillo....maybe we would have had a string of winning and dominating seasons rather than always be satisfied if we happen to squeak into the playoffs...How many dominating seasons can you say we had in the last 20 some years...I would never have got rid of calvillo in the first place.

In 1997 he looked like he could'nt get out of his own way.I can remember Lancaster basically saying we did'nt want him because we had no spot for him.Remember,Calvillo road the pine in Montreal for 2 years before he became a starter.

In '97,he did'nt look like he would be playing football much longer.Also rememeber,Grant and McDonald were NOT committed to winning.

Hey now, Jim Kelly didnt miss the field goal. And Calvillo didnt choke today.

Hey SynthCat,

Now you can add another Grey Cup to the list of things you will never come close to doing.

Too bad you didn't think of starting this thread AFTER the game was over. :lol:

I said what needed to be said...and I stand by it. Sask looked to be in control at half-time as I said. Pencil Neck won his 2nd Grey Cup on the deeds of a Jason Armstead etc. Oh, the shame. If Marcel hadn't cut Davis, we probably have won that game against the Als too. They are much overrated.
Jeff, care to expand on this "list" you referred to?


All of you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. AC was basically run out of Hamilton, so don;t bitch and whine when he does well elsewhere. He has always been a class act, who never badmouthed Hamilton or the Cats.

Why do you take so much pleasure in someone elses shortcomings. Have the past years of getting beaten regularly soured you so much that you want other people to fail as well?

They went 15-3...undefeated at home and they're overrated???

Ok , I'll assume you're very young and just like to yak but honestly ,you will never be taken seriously in this world with name calling and attacks at players you know nothing about. And to make it even worse , you were proven wrong. Very silly. :oops:

About the's 2 Grey Cups for a start??

Hey Pencil Neck is 2/6. He should be sending Jason A. a Christmas turkey. lol Pretty sure 9/10 of Canada will agree on that one. Guess we shoudn't have released J.A. either.

The Als deserved this win. They could have folded at half-time, but did not. Hope to see AC back again next year, so the Cats can take on the defending GC champions for more than two games.


Oh and you make you look even sillier :oops:
Montreal has been in the playoffs 8 of the last 10 years. AND , has been in the Grey Cup 7 times in as many years.
That doesn't sound like losing seasons to me.

Time for bed Synthcat

There isn’t a team in the league that wouldn’t have taken AC over the last 7-8 years. He’s a sure fire HofF-er. And now he’s got 2 Grey Cups. Sounds like a real loser to me. :roll:

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