Penalty info through week three, Mace interview

I always feel that penalties are under-reported in the CFL and so I thought I should do my part to help fill the void. I've written up a blog on the penalties after week three and have put some penalties on our stats page.

Check it out here:

We also interviewed Corey Mace yesterday. If you are a CFL junkie and want to get all you can, especially on a bye week...

Very interesting, thanks for compiling.

One further step I would like to see (easy for me to ask, I`m not doing the work!) is a breakdown of special team penalties.

That’s a tough one.
I thought about looking at secondary penalties like illegal contact and interference. Those often have a huge bearing on a game.

Special team penalties would be tough because a holding call can happen just about anywhere in a game. No yards would be easy to track.

I’ll keep it in mind…